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Chapter 69: Dont Be Smitten

Ye Shengge was left dumbstruck by that question.

She also wanted to know why that mans number had appeared in her contact list.

She had been wondering whether Ji Shiting had entered it when she had fallen asleep at Fenghua Restaurant but her suspicions turned to dust upon hearing what this man had asked.

“Um… I forced Assistant Sun to tell me.” Ye Shengge had to push the blame to Sun Ye.

“Um… Did I disturb you”

Ji Shiting paused for a moment and his voice tone became gentler, “Since youve already got it, just keep it.

After all, were partners.”

“Yes, yes!” Ye Shengge felt relieved to have survived this.

“Ive already secured twenty million dollars for Star Brilliances shares.

Ill be able to prepare a total of fifty million dollars when I get my remuneration for my part in the film!”

“Not bad.” The man chuckled approvingly.

Ye Shengge was encouraged and continued asking., “Mu Yanhuai told me that T.S.

Corporation agreed to invest two hundred million dollars in Star Brilliance, but I dont understand…”

“Oh, I reckon it might be a bit difficult for you to get information out of me, so I used some tricks to help you,” Ji Shiting said.

“Since youve succeeded, it means they have been pretty useful.”

Too damn useful!

If it werent for T.S Corporation, Mu Yanhuai wouldnt have agreed so easily.

Ye Shengge breathed a sigh of relief.

She couldnt help saying, “Thank you so much, Mr.


“Ive always been this way to business partners.” Ji Shiting chuckled.

“Just call me if you have any trouble in the future.”

Ye Shengge couldnt stop herself from blushing when she heard the mans deep and pleasant voice.

It was… as if that man was beside her whispering into her ear.


I shall not disturb you any further.” She hung up the phone yet her heart couldnt stop pounding.

She slapped her face and said, “Dont be so smitten, dont be so smitten!”

Her goal was to sleep with Ji Shiting, and it was easy to sleep with that man a couple of times, but she would be asking for trouble if she had other ideas.

Furthermore, even if Ji Shiting was gentle, this was how he treated her.

Why was she overthinking


Ji Manor.

Ji Shiting lips curled up when he heard the phones busy tone.

He could almost imagine how dumbstruck that woman was.

It turned out that watching his prey jump into the trap was so… interesting.

The man put away his phone and walked out of the study.

Uncle Jin was waiting outside the study room.

He smiled and said, “Young Master, Ms.

Xie is here.”

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow.

“What is she doing here”

“Youve only been back to the old house once in a while, so you might not know,” Uncle Jin explained.


Xie will come here every few days with some expensive tonics to chat with the chairman.

The chairman also likes Ms.


Ji Shitings expression became more acute.

The Ji family didnt have a close relationship with the Xie family, yet Xie Siqi had gotten close to his grandpa

What exactly was she up to

A slender figure walked out from behind Uncle Jin.

“Youre here too, Shiting” Xie Siqi had a delighted smile.

“I brought some snacks made by my mom.

You can try them later.”


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