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Chapter 68: Where Did You Get My Number

Ye Shengge took a deep breath to calm herself down.


Corporation contacted Mu Yanhuai and said they were going to invest in Star Brilliance, so Ji Shiting would definitely agree.

Why did Ji Shiting do that

Although she couldnt figure it out yet, she felt that Ji Shiting wouldnt hurt her.

“I dont need you to worry about my future.” Ye Shengge turned around and left the meeting room.

She went back to her own office to pack her stuff.

Lin Qi rushed in and said, “Big Sis Shengge! Boss Mu just e-mailed everyone in the company saying that youre not a shareholder of Star Brilliance anymore, and youre leaving Star Brilliance.

Is that true”

“Yes.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Its true.”

Lin Qis expression changed.

After awhile, she said through gritted teeth, “Big Sis Shengge, Ive decided to quit! Arent you going to start joining the cast for filming soon You still need an assistant!”

Ye Shengge was dazed.

“Have you thought it through If you follow me, I might not even get paid.”

“Im not afraid.” Lin Qi smiled.

“And I trust you!”

Ye Shengge was relieved.

She stroked her head and said, “Then quit.

Ill be with the cast in a couple of days.

Accompany me.”

“Okay!” Lin Qi nodded excitedly.

“Ill write my letter of resignation now!”

Lin Qi wasnt the only one who received the news.

Many other staff members from the company also called her to ask why, but Ye Shengge didnt explain anything.

Before she finished packing, Shang Tianyi rushed over.

“I just saw the email… Why is it so sudden”

“The cooperation I told you about last time is done!” Ye Shengge smiled and made anok gesture.

“Really” Shang Tianyi pumped his fist and said, “Okay, since youve got a letter, I can carry out my plan.”


Ill rely on you to hold the fort when Im filming during this period.” Ye Shengge nodded.

“However, Mu Yanhuai wont let this go.

Dont believe anything he says.”

“Pfft…” Shang Tianyi put on a disgusted face.

“Who would believe him In the past three years, anyone with eyes can see whos the reliable one.

Ye Shengge smiled, but she was still a bit worried.

T.S Corporation was going to invest in Star Brilliance… What was going on

She was worried all the way as she returned back to Ming Building.

She hesitated for a long time before finally taking out her phone and attempted to contact Sun Ye.

Since Ji Shiting had agreed to cooperate with her, Sun Ye would definitely pick up her phone.

Ye Shengge browsed through her contacts.

However, she couldnt find Assistant Suns phone number even after looking through her contacts.

That was strange… She hadnt deleted anything from her phone recently.

Ye Shengge flipped through the contact list again but she couldnt find Assistant Suns phone number.

However, she found Ji Shitings name.

She blinked several times and assumed she was seeing things.

However, Ji Shitings name didnt disappear.

Ye Shengge immediately thought that something was wrong with her memory.

Had she saved Ji Shitings phone number

She hesitantly dialed this unfamiliar number and the call connected after a few rings.

“Hello.” She heard the deep and magnetic voice.

Ye Shengge almost tossed her phone!

Was it really Ji Shiting When had she saved that mans phone number Was her memory messed up


Ji, its me…” Ye Shengge chuckled nervously.

“Um, sorry to bother you…”

“Where did you get my number” The man interrupted her, his deep voice carrying a hint of irritation.


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