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Chapter 667: Are You Planning to Run With My Child

The woman felt sick when he kissed her a bit harder.

If Ji Shiting didnt know that she had a serious pregnancy reaction, he wouldve suspected that she hated his kiss.

Ye Shengge leaned against the mans chest, looking weak and pitiful.

She didnt have the strength to say anything, let alone provoke him.

Ji Shiting would rather she continue to argue with him like before.


Ji, Sister Shengge is already pregnant.

Why are you still bullying her” Lin Qi couldnt help saying.

Ji Shiting pursed his lips.

Clearly, Ye Shengge had been challenging him.

However, Ji Shiting couldnt get angry seeing her in pain.

“Get the nurse to change her drip,” he said.

Lin Qi looked at Ye Shengge worriedly and left.

Ji Shiting sighed and said, “Follow me home.

How can I be at ease with you like this”

Ye Shengge leaned against his chest and said, “How are you going to answer to grandpa if you take me back”

“Youre pregnant now.

He might want me to take you back,” the man said as he put his hand on her belly.

It was only then that Ji Shiting realized that the woman was carrying his child.

This fact made the man feel indescribable emotions.

His breathing became heavier, and even his throat seemed to be blocked.

Ye Shengge bit her lips and shook her head.

“I think youre the most important person to Grandpa.”

One was an adult grandson, and the other was a great-grandson who hadnt been born yet.

It didnt need to be said to know which was more important.

“Do you think I cant protect you and the baby” The mans voice was hoarse.

Ye Shengge finally opened her eyes.

She looked up and saw the mans tense face because of heartache and worry, as well as the redness in his eyes.

Her heart felt as if it had been hit by something.

“Song Ruyu and I cant estimate how the child will change the second personality.” Her eyelashes fluttered.

“Ji Shiting, I know youre not afraid, and I know youll protect us, but…”

Ji Shiting breathed heavily.

He understood her worry and fear.

He just couldnt let her suffer alone.

“Dont worry.

Ill do my best to protect this baby.” Ye Shengge buried her face in his chest and said.

“Ill have this child too.”

“But you still dont want me.” The mans hoarse voice sounded pained.

“Are you going to run away with my child”

“Didnt I say that the child has nothing to do with you…”

“Ye Shengge!” The man interrupted her.

Realizing that he was really angry, Ye Shengge didnt dare provoke him anymore.

“I wont run.” She snorted.

“Youre the father of the child.

Its been hard for me to get pregnant, so you have to accompany me.”

The man was dazed, and he couldnt help clenching her hand.

“But I cant live with you.” Ye Shengge looked at her, and her eyes softened.

“I know youre worried about me, but Im worried about you too.

Its your child.

I cant take away your participation, but you have to compromise.”

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