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Chapter 666: Cant Even Kiss

The man pursed his lips and said, “Okay, Ill change in the future.

Dont be mad, okay”

“Theres no future.

Were divorced anyway.” Ye Shengge pushed him with her elbow.

“Leave now.

I dont want to see you.”

Ji Shiting was almost triggered by her cold and arrogant attitude.

He had never been treated like this before, and this was the first time.

“Ye Shengge!” The man was furious.

“Dont think I cant do anything to you just because youre pregnant!”

“Youre mistaken, Mr.

Ji.” Ye Shengge continued to provoke him.

“How dare I look down on you Im waiting for you to do something to me.”

Ji Shiting stared at her face.

After being on the drip for a while, some color had returned to the womans pale and haggard face and her lips werent as pale and dry as before.

Coupled with her overbearing appearance, Ji Shiting was furious and itching.

He wanted to pinch her chin again, but he held it in as he recalled the womans accusation.

He held her face and kissed her hard.

Ye Shengge struggled instinctively, but her body was held by the man, and her face was held by him.

She could only be forced to endure the kiss.

Unlike the previous taste, the furious man rushed in and took her breath away.

Perhaps to punish her for speaking without thinking, the man hooked her tongue and sucked hard, making her tongue numb and almost fainted.

That wasnt all.

Her tongue finally regained its freedom, and the mans tongue suddenly reached deep into her throat, blocking her breathing.

Ye Shengge suddenly struggled and whimpered.

Ji Shiting finally let her go, probably because she was struggling too hard.

The woman pushed him away and vomited.

Her stomach was empty, so she could still only vomit acid, but it was worse.

She couldnt vomit anymore, and she shivered several times.

Her face, which had finally blushed, paled again.

Ji Shitings pupils contracted.

He held her in a hurry and wiped her with two tissues.

He frowned, and his right hand trembled.

This was the first time Ji Shiting had seen her pregnancy reaction.

The mans heart clenched seeing her in pain.

Coincidentally, Lin Qi came in with a cup of water.

She rushed to Ye Shengge and took out a lemon from her pocket.

“Smell it.”

Lin Qi had tried many ways to make her stop vomiting recently, and she found that the refreshing taste of lemon was somewhat effective.

From then on, she always had a lemon in her pocket.

After a while, Ye Shengge finally relaxed and took a deep breath.

Ji Shitings heart ached.

He took the cup from Lin Qi and fed her a sip, but Ye Shengge only rinsed her mouth.

He wanted to feed her again, but she refused.

The man had to give up.

He put the cup aside and held her face.

“I cant even kiss you anymore, huh”

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