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Chapter 653: The Big Boss Appears

Lin Qis hands were shaking as she handed her tissues.

“Sister Shengge, lets go back.

How are you going to audition like this Besides, the chances are slim.”

Ye Shengge rinsed her mouth and wiped it with a tissue.

“No, I have to try no matter how slim the chances are.” Ye Shengge looked down.

“I only have work left…”

She would probably have to abort the child when she heard the news from the hotel.

Ji Shiting would probably be completely disappointed in her by then.

Even if he refused to give up, she wouldnt have the right to accept him.

She didnt know what else she could do if she lost her chance to act.

Lin Qi almost cried.

“Who was that man that night” She gritted her teeth.

“Dont let him go once we find out who the real culprit is!”

Ye Shengge looked at herself in the mirror and couldnt help smiling bitterly.

“Did you bring any makeup Help me touch up my makeup.”

Cheng Xinyue was already back when they returned to the VIP room, and she was talking to the remaining two candidates about the audition.

She saw Ye Shengge and chuckled, “Director Wang said I was on the final list.

To be honest, I wouldnt be interested in a romantic comedy if it werent for the right schedule.”

The other two actresses were at least B-list celebrities, so they both grimaced upon hearing what Cheng Xinyue said.

Before long, the four actors in front of Ye Shengge finished their interviews.

Besides Cheng Xinyue, an actress called Shen Jiani also entered the final list.

Ye Shengge was very confident about entering the final assessment list if she didnt have any tricks up her sleeve.

As long as she entered the final round, she had a high chance of getting the role.

She was afraid that she would be eliminated at the first step.

Ye Shengge took a deep breath, opened the door and walked into the audition room.

The production team ofMeeting Cupid was rather powerful.

Director Wang Chongjun had just debuted, but he already had two outstanding works.

The producer, Chu Dongyang, was also a director, and he was a big shot in the industry.

Ye Shengge knew that when Chu Dongyang was a director, he valued the temperament and performance of the actors, which was also the reason why she insisted on auditioning.

She hadnt expected Ji Shitings power to be ineffective one day.

The moment she opened the door, Ye Shengge immediately put away all the negative emotions on her face.

What appeared in front of everyone was a pure and lively smile.

She looked like the lead actress in the script.

She was innocent and naive, which made people believe that she was the kind of girl who had a crush on her idol and wanted to be with him every day, but she didnt have the courage to pursue and confess.

The producer and director were shocked the moment they saw her.

After all, they had all seen Ye Shengges performance inXue Ning, so they were shocked by Ye Shengge.

This was either Ye Shengges nature or her excellent acting skills.

After being shocked, they both looked to the other side of the long table.

A man in a suit was sitting there, not saying a word, looking cold and indifferent.

None of them knew what the big shot was thinking when he showed up, so they couldnt help feeling nervous.

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