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Chapter 650: As if He Was Some Ferocious Beast

It was past rush hour, so not many people were waiting outside the elevator.

Ye Shengge was wearing a pair of sunglasses, and her head was lowered, so she didnt attract anyones attention.

Before long, one of the elevators arrived on the first floor.

After the elevator door opened, the crowd immediately rushed in, and soon, only she and Lin Qi were left in the elevator.

Ye Shengge looked at the crowd in the elevator and decided to wait for the next one.

“Are you hungry, Sister Shengge” Lin Qi whispered.

“I brought some yogurt.

Do you want to have some Or hot water”

Ye Shengge frowned and shook her head.

“Dont mention food or drinks to me.

I feel sick just listening to it.”

Lin Qi said worriedly, “Lets not talk about food and drinks… How is this a pregnancy Its simply killing you!”

Ye Shengge couldnt help laughing.

She flicked her forehead and said, “Dont spout nonsense.

Its not that serious.”

Lin Qi covered her forehead and scoffed.

At the same time, Ji Shiting walked in surrounded by bodyguards.

He saw the woman talking and laughing with her assistant.

The dress outlined her body, and from his angle, he could see the womans slender legs the most.

The white seemed to light up something in his eyes.

The huge sunglasses covered the womans eyes, revealing only the tip of her nose and pink lips.

Her lips were curled, and she seemed to be in a good mood.

Ji Shiting was furious.

She ate well and slept well.

It seemed that she was doing well.

Perhaps it was because he was staring at her so intensely that the woman finally noticed it.

She turned around and looked in his direction, and then, the womans smile disappeared completely.

Coincidentally, an elevator stopped in front of her, and she dragged her assistant in, avoiding his gaze.

The moment the elevator door closed, Ji Shiting had a strange feeling.

The woman must have breathed a sigh of relief.

After all, he wouldnt be able to pester her after the elevator door closed.

He was so resistant and even disgusted, as if he was a monster.

Ji Shiting clenched his fists, and his handsome face was as cold as ice.

His cheeks were twitching from anger.

Perhaps it was because he had been standing there for too long or because he could tell that something was wrong, but his subordinate couldnt help saying, “President, the meeting is about to begin…”

Ji Shiting closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, they were cold.

Ye Shengge couldnt help retching the moment the elevator door closed.

Lin Qi handed her a piece of paper and said, “Sister Shengge, that was Mr.


Ye Shengge covered her mouth and said, “He shouldnt have seen it”

“No, dont worry.” Lin Qi thought for a bit.

“But I feel that hes very angry.”

Even from a distance, Lin Qi could feel the chill, which made her shiver.

Ye Shengges eyelashes fluttered.

She would avoid him whenever she saw him, and Ji Shiting would definitely be furious.

She would most likely fail todays audition.

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