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Chapter 648: Mr.

Ji, President Qiao, What A Coincidence

Shang Tianyi stayed for lunch.

Li Yinian wasnt at home, so they still had to rely on takeout for lunch.

Shang Tianyi then saw Ye Shengges pregnancy reaction, and his face paled.

“Fortunately, Im not a woman…” He expressed his first thought, and the second thought was,” Baby, why dont you abort the child You have to do the operation early.

Ye Shengge was calm.

She rinsed her mouth and said, “Its alright.

Ill get used to it after vomiting.”

“Sister Shengge, havent you noticed that youve lost weight” Lin Qi was upset.

“Its alright.

I was going to lose a few pounds anyway.” Ye Shengge pinched her chin.

The two of them were rendered speechless by her pale face.

After dinner, Shang Tianyi left.

He was as busy as a top every day.

Lin Qi walked him out.

Jade Spring Palace was a high-end villa area, and cars that hadnt been registered werent allowed to enter.

Thus, Shang Tianyi could only park the car outside.

The two of them walked out and discussed Ye Shengges situation.

“I dont understand why she cant bear to part with the child of a stranger.”

“Perhaps Sister Shengge still believes that its Mr.

Jis child.”

The two of them sighed, and then Lin Qi exclaimed, “Ah!”

Shang Tianyi followed her gaze and saw two familiar figures sitting at a stone table nearby.

“Isnt that Mr.

Ji and Fourth Young Master Qiao” Shang Tianyi was surprised.

“Thats right.” Lin Qi nodded and was about to look away when Ji Shiting looked at them.

They immediately froze on the spot.

Even from a distance, they could feel Ji Shitings dark gaze.

Fourth Young Master Qiao also looked over.

Shang Tianyi and Lin Qi almost broke out in cold sweat.

In the end, Shang Tianyi reacted faster.

“Lets go say hi.

They want us to go over.”

“Ah…” Lin Qi answered and followed Shang Tianyi.

Shang Tianyi greeted them, “Mr.

Ji, President Qiao, what a coincidence.”

“Unfortunately, I live here.” Qiao Yanze played with the teacup in his hand and said, “What is Mr.

Shang doing here”

“Shengge and Yinian have moved here recently.

Im here to visit them,” said Shang Tianyi.

Ji Shiting took a sip of water and said, “Oh”

The meaning behind the last word was too rich.

However, Shang Tianyi could understand what he meant more and more, so he immediately answered, “Yes.

Shengge has been on leave recently, and shes been eating and sleeping well.

Shes also very happy.

Yinnian has a lot of shows to do, but she enjoys this kind of life.”

He knew that the two masters had asked him here to learn more about Ye Shengge and Li Yinian.

However, Ji Shiting and Qiao Yanze didnt look too good after he said that.

“Um… Mr.

Ji and President Qiao seem to be having some free time.

Then… I wont disturb you anymore” Shang Tianyi wanted to leave.

Ji Shiting pursed his lips and looked over, “When is she on leave till”

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