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Chapter 646: At least You Have A Chance of Being a Mother

Two days passed.

Ye Shengges pregnancy reactions were still very serious.

After she vomited again in the morning, Lin Qi couldnt take it anymore.

“Are you really going to keep the child, Sister Shengge” Her eyes were red.

“Its not worth it.”

Ye Shengge was dazed as she recalled what Song Ruxu had said before she left.

“I suggest you dont keep the child.

The hormonal changes during the pregnancy might affect your mood, and it might cause unpredictable consequences for the treatment.

Weve finally made such progress, so its best not to give up your career.”

It seemed that everyone had advised her not to keep the child.

All of them made sense, and even she felt that way.

After all, the child might not have anything to do with Ji Shiting.

However, she couldnt help resisting that decision.

Thus, she didnt answer Lin Qi.

“Do I still have no schedules today”

“Um… Right.”

“Alright, Ill continue reading the script.”

“Lie down, Sister Shengge.

Ill read it to you.”

Li Yinian returned at noon.

Li Yinian had been out of town for several days, but she seemed to be in good spirits and didnt seem tired at all.

Although she and Ye Shengge hadnt seen each other in months, they were very close online.

After all, the songNever Left was their work, so they werent strangers.

Li Yinian put down her luggage and was about to have lunch with Ye Shengge when she saw Ye Shengge vomiting in the bathroom.

“Shengge…” She sounded surprised.” Are you pregnant ”

Lin Qi was patting Ye Shengges back anxiously, and she said, “Ms.

Li, please persuade Sister Shengge to abort the child.”

“Why” Li Yinians eyes widened.

“Thats because you dont know…” Lin Qi explained.” Anyway, we cant keep the child! ”

“Stop it, Lin Qi.” Ye Shengge looked at Li Yinian and forced a smile.

“Is it affecting your appetite”

“No.” Li Yinian shook her head and looked at her belly.

“You like kids a lot, dont you Even if the child isnt Mr.

Jis, you cant make up your mind.”

“Arent you silly” Ye Shengge smiled bitterly.

“No, I understand you.” Li Yinian looked sad.

“You have a family now that you have a child.

Actually, I envy you.

At least you still have a chance to be a mother.”

Ye Shengge was dazed, and her eyes widened.

“Yinian, are you…”

“Lets not talk about that.” She smiled.

“You definitely cant eat anything now.

My culinary skills are pretty good.

Ill make a few dishes.

Perhaps you can try.”

Li Yinian had been raised as a top socialite since she was young, and even her culinary skills were better than ordinary people.

Ye Shengge looked at the two dishes in front of her that were appealing in both color and display.

She was able to work up a rare appetite this time.

She picked up her chopsticks, picked up a piece and put it into her mouth.

For the first time, she suppressed the urge to vomit.

She not only swallowed it, but also didnt spit it out.

“Wonderful!” Lin Qi was thrilled.


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