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Chapter 645: Banning Her

Ye Shengge hadnt been to the hospital.

She had been hoping that something had gone wrong, and that she might not be pregnant at all.

However, in less than two days, the aggressive pregnancy symptoms had completely destroyed any delusions she had.

Almost all food made her sick.

All day, she could only drink some water and eat some fruits.

Everything else made her vomit.

Lin Qi was furious.

Ye Shengge needed to go to the hospital.

“Isnt it said on the Internet Its always like this in the early stages of pregnancy.” Ye Shengge smiled helplessly.

“Theres no choice but to endure it.”

“How long is this going to take” Lin Qi couldnt have been more anxious.

“Why dont… Why dont you abort the child”

Ye Shengge was dazed for a bit before saying, “Lets talk about it after Dr.

Song comes.”

Song Ruxu was already on the plane.

That night, she arrived at Yang City and arrived at Ye Shengges new address.

She couldnt help sighing upon seeing Ye Shengges pale face.

“Can you be hypnotized in your current state” Song Ruxu was worried.

“It doesnt matter.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Perhaps the childs existence can make her lose all her anger.”

Song Ruxu thought for a bit and nodded, “Alright, lets give it a try.”


Corporation, Presidents Office.

“The only thing Madam has been doing these days is moving to Jade Spring Palace from Ming Building,” said Sun Ye.

“She attended the events two days ago as usual.

She hasnt been to the hospital recently, and neither has Lin Qi.

Ive checked Lin Qis shopping records, and theres nothing unusual.”

Ji Shiting was holding a pen behind his desk, looking solemn.

“Jade Spring Palace I remember Yanze has a villa there,” he said.

“Thats right.” Sun Ye nodded.

“But Fourth Young Master Qiao doesnt live there often.

He rented an apartment near Huayao for convenience.”

Ji Shiting nodded and leaned against the back of the chair, recalling the womans cold yet determined face.

However, her heart ached every time she thought about it.

He had thought that the woman was hiding something from him and had said those words to make him give up asking, but no matter how he investigated, everything seemed normal.

Thus, she didnt say those words to dispel his doubts, but to force him to give up completely.

He scoffed at the words she had said previously —Whatever happens to her has nothing to do with him.

The man curled his lips and sneered.

“Dont allow her to do any activities or projects that T.S.

Corporation has a say in,” he suddenly said.

“Give the order immediately.”

“Yes sir.” Sun Ye didnt dare argue back.

He immediately turned around and left the office.

The moment Sun Ye disappeared, Ji Shiting broke his pen, and the man sneered.

Jade Spring Palace.

Ye Shengge woke up from the hypnosis and saw Song Ruxus worried face.

Lin Qi also looked worried.

Ye Shengge was relieved.

“She cant accept this child, can she” Ye Shengge said.

“Her reaction is rather intense, but I dont think shes resistant or disgusted.

She just cant accept it,” Song Ruyu said.

“I think shell be able to accept the child after some time.”

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