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Chapter 643: All I Want Is To Kiss That Woman until Shes Suffocated

“Youre right.

I dont have the right to ask about you anymore,” Ji Shiting said hoarsely.

“I wont force you if you dont want to tell me.

However, youd better ensure that this doesnt have any serious consequences, otherwise…”

The man sounded calm, but Ye Shengges face paled.

She bit her lips and retracted her hand.

“Dont worry.

Im an adult.

I can be responsible for myself.

Whatever happens to me has nothing to do with you.”

Ji Shiting sneered and got angrier.

That woman had been rejecting him ever since he got hurt, but she had never been so firm and cruel.

“Ye Shengge, how can you say I dont have the right to ask about you when you want to get benefits from me” The man sneered, but there was some pain in his voice.

“Since youre determined to draw the line with me, you better be prepared.”

Ye Shengge bit her lips and said, “I understand.”

The womans calm and indifferent face was like a huge sarcasm, as if all his determination was a joke.

Ji Shiting was furious.

He clenched his fist, wanting to suffocate that woman or press her down and torture her until she couldnt speak anymore.

He wanted to see if she would still dare to treat him like this.

However, he also knew that if he did that, he would only receive intense resistance and rejection.

The man sneered, looked away and walked to the door.

Ye Shengge listened to his footsteps until the door closed.

She took a deep breath and sat back on the sofa.

He would only be able to not ask anything if he was angry.

After a while, Lin Qi walked out of the room and came to her.

“Sister Shengge…” She sounded choked.” Do you really not remember who the babys father is ”

Ye Shengges eyelashes fluttered.

After a while, she put her hand on her belly.

The warmth of Ji Shitings palm was still there.

“Im afraid we cant go to the hospital anytime soon,” she said.

“Unless I decide to abort the child.”

She had planned to go to the hospital to confirm it, but Ji Shiting was already suspicious.

If she went to the hospital, she wouldnt be able to hide it from that man.

Lin Qi nodded.

Ye Shengge suddenly recalled something.

She grabbed Lin Qis wrist and said, “By the way, theres a record of you buying things in the convenience store, right Perhaps hell ask…”

“You dont have to worry about that.” Lin Qi patted her chest.

“I saw the CCTV in the convenience store, and I thought, Youre already a big star, and Im by your side every day.

What if I get recognized So I asked a man to buy it for me.

That way, at least there wont be any video evidence.

I just casually bought a pack of sanitary towels.”

Ye Shengge was dazed, and she couldnt help laughing, “Not bad.

Youre getting smarter.”

“Its all thanks to Brother Tianyi.

Hes been giving us lessons whenever hes free, teaching us how to protect the artists privacy.

The principle is to never leave any videos, so Im very cautious when I see the CCTV,” Lin Qi said.

Ye Shengge nodded and said, “Lets sleep.”

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