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Chapter 64: 20 Million Dollar Penalty

“Im already an adult, I dont need their consent.” Ye Siyan pouted.

“Ive already signed the contract.

Why should I bother them The point is, when will I appear in a show”

“Why would I recommend you for an audition if you dont even attend training” Ye Shengge shrugged.

Ye Siyan rebutted angrily, “Its all because of Mu Xiaoya! I ran into her during the companys training, and she started to laugh at me when she saw me.

She even said you were blind to want to praise me.

I got so pissed that I had a big fight with her.

The newbies who attended with me started ostracizing me to please her, so I had to come home.”

Ye Shengge raised her eyebrows.

“I know Mu Xiaoya will become famous because of you, Sis! Rest assured, as long as you support me, Ill definitely crush Mu Xiaoya!” Ye Siyan said fiercely.

This girl had probably forgotten that she had framed Mu Xiaoya recently.

Ye Shengge lips curled.


Lets talk about your development when uncle and auntie return.

This concerns your future after all, so we will need their support.”

Ye Siyan sighed reluctantly, “Okay then.”

Ye Shengge sat on the sofa in the living room, meticulously planning out what she was going to do next.

Before long, Li Wenqin and Ye Wenhua returned.

“Oh, Shengge is here” Li Wenqins eyes lit up when he spotted her.

“I was talking to the agent just now.

They said that Siyan would need at least five hundred thousand dollars a year to study overseas.

You ought to have some responsibility as an older sister right”

Ye Shengge smiled and ignored her.

She turned to Ye Wenhua and said, “Uncle, youre back, too.

Please take a look at this.”

She then put the contract on the coffee table.

“What” Ye Wenhua sat beside Li Wenqin.

They looked at each other and started reading the contract.

A few moments later, Ye Wenhua burst out, “Why do you have Siyans signature”

“She signed it herself,” Ye Shengge smiled.

Ye Wenhua yelled upwards, “Siyan, get down here!”

Ye Siyan took some time to come down and said with displeasure.

“Dad, mom, I dont want to study abroad at all.

Big Sis has already promised to support me, so let me enter the entertainment world.

Ill definitely make a fortune!”

“Make a fortune my *ss” Ye Wenhua was furious.

He pointed to the agreement and said, “Did you sign this yourself”

Ye Siyan took a look and confirmed that it was the contract she had signed before.

She nodded.

“Yes, why”

“Wretch!” Li Wenqin was ashen faced as well.

Ye Siyan couldnt figure out why her parents were so furious.

After reprimanding Ye Siyan, the couple changed the sights to Ye Shengge.

“You deceived Siyan so it cant be counted! Lets terminate the contract now!”

“Siyan is still young, and we as parents dont even know about it.

How can it hold!

Ye Shengge grinned.

“Siyan is already an adult, and her signature has legal effect.

If you dont fulfill your end of the deal, well meet in court.

After all, its a penalty of 20 million dollars.

I dont lose out at all.”

Li Wenqin nearly passed out upon hearing that figure.


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