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Chapter 634: Are You Pregnant

Cheng Xinyues expression changed completely.

She moved her lips and said, “Well see!”

The smile on Ye Shengges face disappeared as she watched Cheng Xinyue leave.

So what if she was domineering in front of Cheng Xinyue She had lost the right to be with Ji Shiting.

“Lets go back, Sister Shengge.” Lin Qi grabbed her arm.

“How dare she lie about Mr.

Ji today Mr.

Ji wont let her off easily! I reckon she wont be able to call herself Mr.

Jis new lover in the future!”

Ye Shengge looked down and smiled, “Lets go.”

Ye Shengge didnt feel that it was hard just acting, but she was exhausted from having to deal with people.

After getting into the car, she put down the chair and leaned against it.

Lin Qi started to rummage through her bag.

“I remember I brought a blanket… Huh”

She took out a pack of sanitary products and thought for a while.

Suddenly, she was a bit surprised.

“Sister Shengge, did your menstruation cycle pause for a few days this month I remember that I prepared this in my bag because your day was coming soon, but I havent used it yet.”

Ye Shengge couldnt help doing some calculations, but the more she thought about it, the more shocked she got.

“It seems to have been postponed for at least ten days!”

Lin Qi said, “Sister Shengge, are you pregnant”

“Impossible! I didnt…” Ye Shengge denied instinctively, but she was suddenly stunned.

She recalled that night when she was drunk almost a month ago.

Although there wasnt any evidence left behind from the surveillance camera, she still couldnt get rid of the lingering feeling in her body.

What Lin Qi said confused her.

“Sister Shengge” Lin Qi was a bit nervous seeing her spacing out.

“Is it really possible…”

“Buy me a pregnancy test on the way back.” Ye Shengge took a deep breath.

“I hope its just stress.”

Lin Qi nodded and started the car.

Ye Shengge was confused by the fact that she might be pregnant.

Most importantly, if she really had sex with that man that night, who would that man be

It would be fine if it was Ji Shiting, but if it wasnt…

She couldnt breathe at that thought.

Lin Qi was also shocked.

She drove the car quickly and passed by the convenience store at the entrance of the neighborhood.

Lin Qi got out of the car and went in to buy.

Ye Shengge couldnt take it anymore.

She couldnt help pushing the door open and getting out of the car.

She leaned against the car and took deep breaths, telling herself to calm down.

She was so distracted that she didnt notice the black Maybach when it stopped beside her.

She only turned around when she heard steady footsteps beside her.

She couldnt believe her eyes when she saw the mans handsome face.

The man then stared at her in surprise.

Ye Shengge finally came to her senses, and her heart pounded fast.

Her lips moved, wanting to say something, but her eyes blurred, and she couldnt make a sound.

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