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Chapter 631: Do You Dare Remove Your Makeup In Public

Ye Shengge calmed herself down, looked at the journalist in front of her, and smiled, “Shes lying.

I dont have a birthmark on my face.

The photos that were circulating on the Internet were just scribbles because I was bored.

That so-called red birthmark is actually cosmetics.”

“Really How do you prove it” The reporter asked.

“I dont need proof.

As you can see, theres no red birthmark on my face.

Isnt that evidence” Ye Shengges smile turned cold.

“But you put on makeup today…”

“So I should remove my makeup just because Cheng Xinyue defamed me” Ye Shengge raised an eyebrow.

“Why didnt you ask Cheng Xinyue She was the one who suggested I have a birthmark on my face, so she should be the one to prove it.”

The journalists were confused by her logic, so they sent the news to their friends and asked Cheng Xinyue a question.

Cheng Xinyue smiled and walked toward her.

“I didnt say that, Ms.



Ji told me.” She smiled innocently.

“I accidentally said it.


Ye Shengge looked at her and said, “Thats weird.

Why would Mr.

Ji gossip about me with you Do you think Mr.

Ji Shiting, the manager of a business empire like T.S., is such a boring person Even if you want to lie, you should at least make some sense.”

“Nonsense Not necessarily.” Cheng Xinyue glanced at the journalists.

“You dont even dare to remove your makeup in front of the journalists.

Let everyone see your bare face.”

“Who says I dont dare” Ye Shengge smiled.

“However, Im very upset that I have to remove my makeup in public because of your slander.

However, I might feel better if someone is with me.”

“What do you mean”

“Why dont you help me remove my makeup and let everyone see your bare face” Ye Shengge smiled sweetly.

“Miss Cheng will definitely be willing, right”

Cheng Xinyues expression changed.

Female artists wouldnt show their faces to others easily.

After all, no matter how beautiful they were, there would always be times when they werent in a good state.

Only people who were confident in their looks and condition would agree to remove their makeup in public.

Cheng Xinyue obviously didnt want to, but seeing how eager the journalists were, she knew that if she didnt agree, the journalists wouldnt believe what she had just said.

Then, all her efforts would be in vain.

Besides, there was no mistake about the birthmark on that womans face.

Everyone would only notice the birthmark on Ye Shengges face and not her bare face.

Cheng Xinyue lifted her chin and smiled, “No problem.”

She thought Ye Shengge would panic, but the woman smiled sweetly and said, “Thank you.”

This made Cheng Xinyue doubt herself.

Where did that woman get her confidence from

The journalists wouldnt miss such a show, and the brands didnt want to miss it either.

After all, this news would definitely attract the publics attention, and it would be beneficial for the brands as well.

All they needed to prepare were two bottles of makeup remover.

A few minutes later, Ye Shengge was accompanied by a staff member who was holding makeup remover and cotton.

Ye Shengge picked up a makeup remover and put on some makeup remover.

She then looked at Cheng Xinyue and smiled, “Lets begin.”

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