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Chapter 627: Seeking Humiliation

The netizens were in an uproar, and people who knew the truth kept coming out to expose the truth, which made the people who didnt know the truth confused.

Ye Shengge was completely dumbfounded.

When she and Ji Shiting were still husband and wife, their names had never been together.

Now that they were completely separated, they were constantly mentioned online.

Ji Shiting had always been mysterious, and his name rarely appeared in entertainment news.

Now that he was tied to her, he was constantly being speculated by netizens, which made her feel sorry and guilty.

Shang Tianyi was very calm.

In the companys meeting room, he played the slide and said, “There are pros and cons to this matter.

Your popularity has obviously risen again, and Ive opened tens of millions of followers on your Weibo account.

Look, the increase is terrifying.

However, the disadvantages are obvious.

The netizens think that youve been kept by Ji Shiting, and he dumped you… Its bad for your image.”

“How do we suppress the news” Ye Shengge said calmly.

Chen Yi, who was in charge of public relations, said, “Im afraid not, Sister Shengge.

This topic is too popular now.

Ive contacted the person in charge of Weibo.

If we want to remove the trending topic, itll have to be at least that number.”

She gestured with five fingers and said, “Besides, even if we remove the trending topic, it wont be of much use.

After all, the topic is already brewing.

We can only wait for it to cool down naturally and cant respond.

The more we respond to the topic, the more lively it will be.”

“Thats right.” Shang Tianyi nodded.

“Actually, as long as Mr.

Ji doesnt have any objections, this news is more beneficial than harm overall.

After all, Mr.

Ji is young.

It makes sense if you two were dating back then.

As long as you arent a sugar daddy, it wont affect your reputation much.


Ji has such a high status.

If you fall in love with him, youll be lucky even if you get dumped.”

Lin Qi couldnt help saying, “Unfortunately, there arent any photos of Mr.

Ji on the Internet.

Otherwise, those people would be so jealous that they wouldnt be able to sleep!”

“Then lets ignore it.” Ye Shengge bit her lips.

“Dont respond at all.

Wait for the heat to subside.”

“Okay, lets do that.” Shang Tianyi turned off the slide.

“Well continue with our schedule, but we need to make things clear in advance.

Dont mention anything related to Mr.


Ji Manor.

Grandpa Ji had fallen in love with all kinds of new social media accounts recently, and Weibo was one of them.

He had not only seen Ye Shengges interview, but he had also seen the news and comments online.

Ji Shiting had just returned from a business trip and had been on the plane for nearly ten hours, and he had heard about it from Grandpa Ji.

“Lets suppress the news.” Grandpa Ji held his presbyopic glasses.

“Youre the heir and CEO of T.S.


This scandal will affect your image too much.”

Ji Shiting saw the host mention his name in the second half of the interview.

The womans dazed expression made his eyes darken.

He turned off the video and smiled, “No need.

Its just a scandal.

Itll die down after a while.

If I really suppress the news, the rumors will be confirmed.”

Grandpa Ji didnt argue back.

He looked at Ji Shiting and said, “Shes been back for some time.

What do you think”

“Nothing.” Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow.

“If I continue to pester her, that woman will continue to run.

Do you think Ill do something like this again”

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