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Chapter 626: Ye Shengge Has Been dumped by Ji Shiting

However, there was still a surprise that night.

There was a question in the interview outline: It was completely unexpected for you to get the role of Xue Ning as a newcomer.

Everyone was curious whether you had received any help.

There were rumors that you had a powerful boyfriend, and he had ordered a Valentino gown for you and sent it to the ceremony.

Actually, the question was asking if she had a sugar daddy, but it wasnt appropriate to ask so directly on the show.

Ye Shengge had thought of an excuse, but she hadnt expected the host to ask directly when filming officially started, “I heard that it was Mr.

Ji Shiting from T.S.

Corporation who asked you to be the lead actress ofXue Ning.

He was the one who sent you a Valentino gown during the opening ceremony.

Are you dating Mr.


Ye Shengge froze upon hearing Ji Shitings name.

She didnt react until she felt the hosts passionate gaze.

She suppressed her emotions and said, “Sorry, I cant answer that question.”

However, to the emcee, her performance was very obvious, so she didnt pester her.

After the recording ended, Shang Tianyi was furious.

He immediately negotiated with the program team and asked them to delete the clip.

The other party agreed, but the video released the next day still showed Ye Shengges reaction.

Because of Ye Shengges popularity and the high click rate of the show, the show became popular on the Internet after it was released.

And because of the uniqueness of Ji Shitings name, after the first round of dissemination, all the people who werent sensitive to entertainment news saw the video.

Instantly, Ye Shengge and Ji Shitings names appeared on the trending list.

“Ye Shengge seems to be a very creative person.

Her reaction is so fast and interesting.

I like her even more after watching this video!”

“Cant you see the point Ye Shengges sugar daddy is Ji Shiting! No wonder she gotXue Ning first and then acted in Chen Anzhis movie.

These resources are unbelievable!”

“Why do I feel like Ye Shengge has been dumped by Ji Shiting Look, her expression changed when she heard the emcee mention Ji Shiting, and she clearly refused to answer that question.

Im afraid shes not in a relationship, but has broken up with him.

Coupled with the rumors that Ji Shiting is getting married…”


Theyve obviously broken up! Didnt they say Ji Shitings new lover is Cheng Xinyue T.S.

chose her as the lead actress ofScared Of The Wind and asked her to be the spokesperson for a popular product under T.S.


“I reckon its because she failed to force Ji Shiting to marry her.

Perhaps she was the one who leaked the news that Ji Shiting was getting married! In the end, Ji Shiting dumped her in a fit of anger.

Hahaha, scheming woman.

Serves her right!”

“Why did she have to take the shortcut It looks so bad now.”

“Haha, can you guys not be so sarcastic Our Shengge has good looks and acting skills, and she has a great personality.

Her future is limitless.

I reckon she might have broken up with Ji Shiting because she wasnt satisfied with Ji Shiting being a playboy!”

“Dont be silly, fan.

Cant you see how upset she looked when Ji Shiting was mentioned Would she have acted like that if she had initiated the breakup”

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