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Chapter 600: I Really Want You to Give Me a Chance

“Ye, youre amazing!” Mike blushed.

“I love you.

No, I think Ive fallen in love with you!”

Mike wanted to hug her again.

Lin Qi immediately stopped him and glared at him.

Mike had to control himself and look at Ye Shengge affectionately.

“Ye, youre single now, right The man who stopped me yesterday isnt straight at all.

I just saw him meeting John in private.

Can you give me a chance to ask you out I think youll have time after the movie is done, right”

This was the first time Ye Shengge had experienced such a straightforward display of love, so she was dazed.

Lin Qi also looked at her and thought, Since Sister Shengge and Mr.

Ji have broken up, perhaps dating another man can make her feel better


Ye Shengge was thinking of a plan when she heard a mans voice, “Hey, Ye.

Youre here.”

It was Andys voice.

Ye Shengge turned around and saw Ji Shiting standing beside Andy.

The man didnt have much of an expression on his face.

He looked at her quietly, and his eyes were dark.

Ye Shengge couldnt take it anymore and avoided his gaze.

“Hey, Andy,” she greeted Andy.

“How was your vacation”

“Very good.

I met Mr.

Ji at the airport.

I reckon you must be familiar with his name.” Andy was very passionate.

“Perhaps you would like to know him.”

He then gestured at Ji Shiting.

Ye Shengge bit her lips, summoned her courage, looked at him and said, “No, Andy.

Theres no need to introduce us.

We already know each other.”

“Oh.” Andy was a bit surprised.

He seemed to see something in Ye Shengges eyes, so he said, “Then, perhaps you two are willing to catch up.”

Ye Shengge held her breath and looked at Ji Shiting expectantly.

The man seemed to see something in her eyes, and his gaze deepened.

Andy was about to leave, but Ji Shiting looked away and said, “No need, Mr.



Ye and I have talked about the past.”

Ye Shengges eyelashes fluttered, and she wanted to ask him to stay, but Ji Shiting didnt give her a chance.

“I should go.” The man looked at Andy.

“Thank you for your hospitality.

My flight is in two hours.

Perhaps we can talk about the project you mentioned before.”

“Thats great!” Andy was thrilled.

Ye Shengge could only watch the man leave, and she felt all her strength being drained.

He said he would stay away from her, and he said he had given up.

It turned out he wasnt kidding.

Actually, she didnt dare ask for much.

She just wanted to say something to him that she couldnt say yesterday, but she didnt have a chance anymore, did she

This fact almost made her lose her balance.

Fortunately, Lin Qi saw that something was wrong with her and held her.

“Are you okay, Sister Shengge”

Mike moved closer and looked at Ye Shengge.

“Ye, Im sincere.

Please give me a chance.”

Ye Shengge looked at him and smiled, “Mike, I remember you said you had a few bottles of good wine, right”


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