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Chapter 590: Do You Have It Easier Without Me Around

Ye Shengge knew that he wasnt kidding, and her face paled.

“Ji Shiting, no.” She put her hands on his chest and shook her head.

“Were divorced.

You cant… Ah!”

Before she could finish, Ji Shiting had thrown her onto the bed.

She tried to get up, but the man grabbed her calf and pressed her down.

Ye Shengge panted and tried to struggle, but he grabbed her wrists again.

Ji Shiting saw how panicked she was, and he couldnt help thinking about how gentle and obedient she had been the night before she left.

The man said, “Its been more than three months.

Dont you want it or… do you want someone else to satisfy you”

Ye Shengge shook her head and said, “No… Let me go, Ji Shiting.

This isnt right…”

It hadnt been easy for her to last until today.

If she gave in, their relationship might return to square one.

Although she could control her second personality and not hurt anyone, she couldnt guarantee that she wouldnt become weak when facing that man.

She couldnt have anything to do with him before she was cured

Tears welled up in her eyes, and she couldnt help tearing up.

All the loneliness and sadness she had felt for the past three months rushed to her mind.

She wanted to return to his side and enjoy his gentleness and love, but that wasnt right.

Ji Shitings pupils contracted as he watched her cry uncontrollably.

His desire was extinguished.

The man sighed and said, “Stop crying.

I wont touch you.”

His voice was hoarse.

Ye Shengge choked and tried to hold back her tears.

“Ye Shengge.” He was still leaning against her, and he pinched her chin.

“Tell me, do you have it easier without me around”

Her eyelashes fluttered, and her lips moved, but she didnt say anything.

“Seems like it.” The man chuckled.

“Do you also not want to see me Thats why you hid overseas and never returned to Yang City.”

Ye Shengge felt suffocated.

The mans tone was deep, but there was pain and self-deprecation in it, which stabbed into her heart like a knife.

At that moment, she even hoped that the man had never loved her.

She wanted to deny it and tell him that it wasnt like that.

She might not be conflicted anymore without him, but she wasnt happy at all.

She missed him like crazy, and the sweetness and infatuation were seducing her all the time, so she could only bury all her thoughts and memories deep in her heart.

However, she couldnt say anything.

If she had to be ruthless and be the bad guy, then she would do it.

The mans handsome face was expressionless as he watched the woman remain silent.

Ji Shiting got up from her and helped her adjust her collar.

He lowered his eyes and tidied himself up very slowly.

He looked calm but serious as if it was something important.


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