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Chapter 58: Are You Sure

The womans body was soft, and her breath was fragrant.

Her blinking eyes looked sneaky and smug, making them vivid.

Ji Shiting looked down and lowered his voice, “Are you sure”

Ye Shengge could feel a slight sense of danger, but she immediately nodded after hesitating for a second.

The man chuckled, grabbed her waist and carried her.

Ye Shengge was surprised, but she wrapped her arms around his neck as she didnt believe he was being that mellow.

“Give me the project plan.

Well be in touch after I read it,” Ji Shiting said to the middle-aged man beside him, then he carried the woman in his arms upstairs.

“Of course, please enjoy your meal, Mr.

Ji,” the middle-aged man said with happy surprise.

He had thought this negotiation was doomed and hadnt expected to still have a chance.

Ye Shengge leaned her face against the mans chest, sniffing the unique fragrance that the man had, and her heart couldnt help pounding fast.

Her face was heating up.

They were being too intimate, so intimate that she regretted pushing the boundaries just now.

Shed never expected Ji Shiting to carry her like that.

The man walked stably, and as he breathed smoothly, Ye Shengge could feel the air flowing on her forehead, which gave her goosebumps.

Damn it…

Fortunately, Ji Shiting put her on the sofa after a short while.

She was still blushing, and she didnt dare look up at him.

However, he lifted her head up by the chin.

The man looked at her as if he was her superior, and his dark eyes were tainted with shadow.

Ye Shengge felt danger again as her head was numb.

She forced a smile, “Thank you, Mr.


Ji Shiting suddenly smiled mildly, looking a bit gentle and making him look completely different from before.

Ye Shengge swallowed saliva and couldnt help flinching.

“Youre welcome.” Ji Shiting chuckled, and then, he grabbed her shoulder with one hand and lifted her dress.

He then pressed his finger on the back of her knees.

“Damn…” Ye Shengge took a deep breath as she trembled.

“Dont… dont touch there…”

“You said your legs were numb, didnt you” The man moved his larynx as his voice got more hoarse.

“Let me check them for you.”

“No… No…” Ye Shengge felt her body becoming stiff.

She hadnt realized until just then that the back of her knees was her sensual point.

As the man pressed against the back of her knees with a different strength, she started to grind her teeth.

“Not here” Ji Shiting said calmly as he was still locking her shoulders with his left arm, forbidding her from moving.

He moved his right hand along her thighs, which made Ye Shengge shake again.


Ji, Im sorry, sorry…” Ye Shengge couldnt have regretted it more.

“Im all good, and my legs arent numb at all… can you let me go”

“Not here.” Ji Shiting didnt seem to hear her at all.

He kept moving his hand along her legs until he reached her thighs, “What about here Huh”

Ye Shengge clenched her teeth as she didnt want to moan.


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