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Chapter 575: Visiting the Set ofCross

Xie Siqi immediately saw who it was, and her face paled.

“You…” She bit her lips, but she couldnt calm herself down.” How is that possible…”

“Why not” Ling Yutong walked to her and stroked her hair.

“Sister Xie, didnt you say auntie likes me a lot Im sure auntie is very happy that I can get back together with Shiting.

Youll be happy for me too, right”

Ji Shiting walked into the office calmly as if the argument had nothing to do with him.

Sun Ye followed behind, admiring his boss.

The secretaries and assistants in the public office were still immersed in their work, as if they werent curious about their bosss gossip at all.

However, they seemed to be doing it seriously, but in reality, their ears were perked up.

“Ah, Sister Xie, are you going to give the desserts to Shiting” Ling Yutongs smile widened.

“Why dont you give them to me Shiting will let me have them anyway.”

“Ling Yutong.” Xie Siqi finally found her voice.

“Shiting will never marry you.”

“Oh Why” Ling Yutongs eyes turned cold.

“Because you know very well that Little Zheng isnt Shitings son”

Xie Siqis eyes glinted, but she didnt say anything.

“So it was you who set me up.” Ling Yutong sneered.

“You set me up and made Shiting misunderstand me, didnt you”

“I dont understand what youre talking about.” Xie Siqi smiled.

“Little Zheng isnt Shitings son.

Shiting verified it himself.

I just trust him.”

“Thank you, Sister.” Ling Yutong crossed his arms and looked at her with pity.

“You tried everything to separate Shiting and me, but you didnt succeed.

First it was Ye Shengge, then me… Thats right.

Little Zheng isnt Shitings child.

I know that, but hes still willing to marry me.

I dont plan to let Little Zheng inherit the Ji familys business anyway.

After all, I can still have another child.”

Ling Yutong sounded relaxed as she watched Xie Siqis face turn pale.

“Impossible! Youre lying to me!”

“Youll know whether Im lying or not soon.” Ling Yutong looked at the closed office.

“Sister Xie, you can only stand guard outside the office every time you come, right Shiting never allowed you to enter his office, right The secretary wont let you in either because Shiting told them to, but I can enter and leave as I please.

Do you know what that means”

Ling Yutong turned around and walked to the office.

As expected, no one stopped her.

After pushing the door open, she turned around and smiled at Xie Siqi.

Then, she walked in and closed the door behind her.

Ji Shiting was sitting behind his desk, flipping through some documents.

Ling Yutong walked over and put her hands on the mans desk.

“How are you going to thank me if I help you get rid of her”

“Whats the matter” Ji Shiting looked up at her.

“Oh, its like this.” Ling Yutong smiled.

“I might have to visit the cast ofCross in two days.

Although I didnt participate in this movie, many of my old friends are there, so I want to go take a look.

I wonder if youre interested in accompanying me.”


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