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Chapter 573: Enough to Tempt Any Man

“I dont mind as long as youre clean and honest.” Grandpa Ji was very open-minded.

“As long as you like it.” He thought for a bit and added, “Theres also one more thing.

You have to be healthy.

Thats very important.”

Ji Shiting nodded and said, “Okay.

Ill bring it back for you to see after Ive decided on a candidate.”

“Very good.” Grandpa Ji clapped his hands.

He didnt urge Ji Shiting to get married, but that didnt mean he wasnt anxious.

He was still very happy that Ji Shiting was willing to get married.

“Come and have dinner.”

At the dining table, the grandfather and grandson talked about work again.

“Youve been attacking the Xiao Corporation a lot lately,” Grandpa Ji said.

“Theres no need for that, right Our operations are very similar to the Xiao Corporations.”

“But if I dont do anything, Xiao Ruilang will soon reach out to T.S.

Corporation.” Ji Shiting curled his lips.

“Im just planning ahead.”

That said, but…

“Do you need to be so ruthless” Grandpa Ji didnt agree.

“Youre hurting yourself.”


Corporation can handle this,” Ji Shiting said as he scooped a bowl of soup for his grandpa.

Grandpa Ji shook his head and said, “Im just reminding you to be careful.

In the e-commerce world, T.S.

Corporation has suppressed Jianghe Corporation to the point of suffocation.

If you fight with Xiao Ruilang now, be careful that Jianghe Corporation will seize the chance to swallow our shares.

Jiang Yu of the Jiang family isnt someone to be trifled with.”

“I know what Im doing.” Ji Shiting smiled.

On the way back.

Sun Ye was driving, and Ji Shiting was sitting in the back seat.

He wound down the window to take a breather, rolled up his sleeves, and revealed his muscular arms.

He put his elbows on the window, looking lazy and nonchalant.

The car stopped at a red light when they walked past the square.

Ji Shiting suddenly froze.

The giant LED screen in the square was playing a clip ofXue Ning.

On the screen, the woman was wearing palace clothes and had her head lowered.

She was talking to the emperor, and she looked dignified and shy.

The emperor laughed out loud after hearing what she said, and the emperor helped her up, his eyes filled with love.

With the emperors permission, she finally looked up.

Her sweet smile was filled with the innocence of a young girl, but her eyes were full of the charm and flirtatiousness of a mature woman.

This kind of conflicting charm was enough to seduce any man, even an old emperor who had seen countless women wouldnt be spared.

The camera used the perspective of an emperor, so the woman in the scene raised her head slightly and showed her most attractive side.

Ji Shitings pupils contracted, and his face tensed up.

He couldnt help breathing heavily.

The man clenched his fists as if he was trying to suppress his anger, but he couldnt look away from the woman.

After more than ten seconds, the light finally turned green, and Sun Ye started the car again.

Ji Shiting also closed the window and looked away.

However, his Adams apple bobbed, and his dark eyes looked gloomy.

Ever sinceXue Ning started airing, that woman had been everywhere, and he couldnt ignore her even if he wanted to.

He suddenly curled his lips and mocked himself.


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