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Chapter 572: Which Woman Would Marry Me

“Who said Im getting married” Ji Shiting sipped his tea and looked at the photos.

“Its all over the Internet,” Grandpa Ji said.

“Dont tell me you dont know anything!”

“Just read the rumors.

Theres no need to take it seriously.” Ji Shiting smiled.

“Why wouldnt I inform you if I wanted to get married”

“Dont play dumb.” Grandpa Ji chuckled.

“Youve always been low-key and stayed away from the camera.

In the past, you would suppress any news about you on the Internet, but now, youre letting it spread What are you thinking”

“This kind of scandal doesnt matter.” Ji Shiting put down his cup and picked up the photos on the desk.

“Perhaps I can find a suitable marriage partner.”

“Are you serious” Grandpa Ji looked at him suspiciously.

“Are you willing to settle down”

Recently, he had been watching Ji Shiting date all kinds of women, so he didnt dare persuade him to get married early.

He was worried that Ji Shiting was using this method to treat his injury, and he was afraid that the wordmarriage would hurt him.

He hadnt expected Ji Shiting to mention marriage.

Grandpa couldnt help feeling confused.

“Of course Im serious.” Ji Shiting threw the photos back on the coffee table and smiled.

“After all, Im not young anymore, and its my second marriage.

No woman will marry me.”

Uncle Jins lips twitched as he looked at his young masters handsome face, and he resisted the urge to complain.

However, Grandpa Ji was a bit upset.

“You cant think that way, Shiting.

Although your first marriage failed, its not your fault or Ye Shengges fault.

I can only say that you two arent fated.”

This was the first time his grandpa had mentioned that name to him in months.

Ji Shiting stopped smiling and his face sank.

Grandpa Ji sighed and said, “I thought you had let her go… If you still cant get over it, dont get married yet.

I wont rush you anymore.”

He had always felt that he wouldnt live long, and he was afraid that the kid would be the only one left in the Ji family when he died, so he had been in a hurry to get him married and have kids, regardless of what kind of person the woman was.

Now it seemed that marriage was better to be cautious.

Marriage that was too rushed usually didnt end well.

Ji Shiting sneered, “Who says I cant get over it If I hadnt let her go, I wouldnt have thought about getting married.”

“Then why are you so cold at the mention of her” Grandpa Ji glared at him.

“Do you think I should be nice to mention a woman who abandoned me” Ji Shiting curled his lips.

“I just think its too easy on her.”

“Actually, you cant blame her…” Grandpa Ji couldnt help saying.

Ever since Ye Shengge left, Grandpa Jis impression of her had improved.

Ji Shiting smiled and looked at the photos on the desk.

“Who do you think is better among these people”

He changed the topic as if he didnt want to mention Ye Shengge at all.


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