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Chapter 571: Who Are You Getting Married to

Lin Qi couldnt help saying, “I know Mr.

Ji is about to marry someone else, but hes not married yet.


Ji loves you so much.

Hell be thrilled if you go back to him!”

Ye Shengge shook her head and smiled, “No, he wont accept me.”

She had left so decisively and signed the divorce agreement.

She couldnt imagine how he would feel after knowing that.

However, she was certain of one thing—Ji Shiting must be very angry.

Otherwise, Shang Tianyi wouldnt have had such a hard time in China.

Otherwise, T.S.

wouldnt have invested in a new show and promoted a few newcomers who were said to be chosen by Ji Shiting.

The news of him getting married wouldnt have spread so widely.

No matter how good of a reason she had, she had lied to him and… abandoned him.

She had also trampled on his heart.

“Then… Well know after we try,” Lin Qi said.

“Besides, I feel that Mr.

Ji still misses you.”

Ye Shengge looked down, hiding all her sadness.

“Lets go and help Dr.

Song cook.” She looked up and smiled.

She could handle her sadness well in three months.

Lin Qi could only sigh.

Yang City.

Uncle Jin was reading the news on the Internet to Grandpa Ji.

“Weibo is a social tool.

Normally, the hottest news would first spread here,” Uncle Jin explained to his grandpa.

“Many people on Weibo are discussing Young Masters marriage.

I dont know how the news got out.”

“Hehe, that kid is getting married… Why didnt I know that” Grandpa Ji was furious.

“Who is he dating now”

“Um…” Uncle Jin looked awkward.” Young Master has been in contact with Ms.

Ling, but at the same time, hes asked Ms.

Zhao and Ms.

Qi out.

Also, Young Master seems to have met a couple of new actors…”

Uncle Jin then handed the photos to Grandpa Ji and said, “These are all girls who have been in contact with Young Master.”

Grandpa Ji looked at the photos in his hands.

All of them were young and beautiful.

He was rendered speechless.

Actually, after Ye Shengge left, he wasnt in a hurry to force Ji Shiting to go on a blind date.

After all, his grandpa had felt terrible seeing Ji Shiting in pain, so he wanted to give him some time.

It was normal for men to get hurt once or twice.

However, before long, Grandpa Ji felt like he had been slapped in the face.

He reckoned that it would only be half a month, and that kid would act as if nothing had happened.

He hadnt let go of the companys matters, and the woman beside him was also walking around, which made Grandpa Ji dizzy.

Grandpa Ji was the last to know that Ji Shiting was getting married.

At this moment, Ji Shiting walked in.

He would return to the manor to have dinner with his grandpa whenever he had time.

The mans dark eyes were calm, and he looked tired.

He took off his diamond cufflinks as he walked to the living room, then he took off his suit jacket and handed it to the servant beside him.

He noticed his grandpa staring at him and chuckled, “Whats wrong, grandpa”

He then sat down on the sofa and Uncle Jin brought him a cup of hot tea.

“Who are you getting married to” Grandpa Ji threw a bunch of photos in front of him.


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