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Chapter 570: Important Progress

In a beautiful city in Europe.

At the foot of the snow mountain, many individual huts stood scattered on the grassland.

These huts belonged to the local herdsmen, but most of the time, the herdsmen rented the huts to outsiders.

This was the best time for vacation.

Lin Qi got a ham from the older neighbor with her sweet smile and bad English, and she returned to the house she was living in excitedly.

Ye Shengge had just woken up from hypnosis, and she was sweating.

Song Ruyu stood in front of her and heaved a sigh of relief.

“How do you feel”

Her eyes were shining.

Ye Shengge nodded and said, “When she came out, I felt that my consciousness was still there, as if I was watching a movie.

I kept telling her not to attack or hurt anyone… I felt that I was controlling her.”

“Wonderful!” Song Ruyu was very excited as she untied her.

“I knew it!”

“But its not stable enough,” Ye Shengge said.

“My orders arent always effective, but the good news is that I feel that shes not as hostile as before.

Youre right.

I should accept her as I accept myself.”

“Theres no rush.

Take it slow.” Song Ruyu smiled.

“Im really surprised that youve made such great progress in just three months.

I reckon what really works is your determination and willpower.

With your willpower and determination, its only a matter of time before you completely fuse with her.”

“I also have to thank Director Chen for his new show.” She smiled.

“Acting as An Ran is very helpful to me.

In a sense, this role is a form of release for me.

I feel more relaxed every time I finish the show.”

“Indeed, youre a talented actress.” Song Ruyu looked impressed.

At that moment, the door was pushed open.

Lin Qi said happily, “Sister Shengge, Dr.

Song, we have ham for lunch today! The uncle next door made it himself.

Ive tried it at his house before.

Its delicious!”

“Wow!” Song Ruyu couldnt help walking over.

“Very good.

Ill prepare lunch to celebrate Shengges major progress.”

“Sister Shengge is fine” Lin Qi rushed to Ye Shengge.


“Its still early, but…” Ye Shengge smiled.” She probably wont hurt anyone anymore.

“Thats great!” Lin Qi yelled.

“Can you go back to Mr.

Ji now”

Ye Shengges eyes dimmed.

Three months ago, she had signed the divorce agreement and left Yang City without hesitation.

She had come to this small town in Europe, and she had been receiving psychotherapy from Song Ruxu while filming Director Chens new movie.

She had paid no attention to what was happening outside, and she had left the company to Shang Tianyi.

Fortunately, the studio was on the right track, and Shang Tianyi could handle it alone in Yang City.

The Border Town in southern Europe had a beautiful environment.

There were few people, and life was slow.

It wasnt as prosperous as a city, and even the Internet was intermittent.

She had used this method of avoiding the world to force herself to forget the sadness of leaving Ji Shiting and focus on getting treated.

Reality proved that it was effective.

Now, she could share the memories of her second personality and control her to a certain extent.

However, it was too late.


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