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Chapter 568: Thats the Only Way You Can Understand Her Determination

Grandpa Ji sighed.

“Do you think its strange that I wasnt furious when you went to look for me yesterday” Grandpa Ji said slowly.

“With my temper, I mightve tied you up on the spot to prevent you from courting death.

However, I received a phone call before you arrived at the manor.”

Ji Shiting closed his eyes, and after a long while, he chuckled sarcastically.

“She called you.”

“Thats right,” Grandpa Ji said.

“She called me and told me everything.

She also said that she would leave you on her own accord and asked me not to be mad at you.”

Ji Shitings handsome face was expressionless, but his dark eyes were as deep as the abyss, revealing his emotions.

“Where is she” He asked, staring at his grandpa.

“Where did she go”

“She boarded a plane three hours ago to a small country in Europe.

She should still be on the plane.” Grandpa Ji sighed.

“Shes very determined this time.

She wont come back with you even if you look for her.

Give up, Shiting.”

Ji Shiting smashed his phone on the marble staircase.

“That woman.” He chuckled.

“Shes dreaming!”

“She told me that the kid from the Xiao family was hurt by her yesterday, and it triggered her greatly.

Basically, as long as her second personality is free, shell definitely hurt someone.

If she continues to stay by your side, you might not be able to escape.” Grandpa Ji sighed.

“She knows your personality, so she can only run as far away as possible.

That way, you wont be able to find her easily.”

Ji Shiting clenched his fist as if even breathing hurt.

No wonder she had been very obedient after he had brought her out from Xiao Ruilang yesterday.

Other than persuading him not to argue with his grandpa, she hadnt questioned him at all.

She wasnt as worried as before.

It turned out that she had already made a decision at that time.

Therefore, her obedience was just to numb him, not to mention the gentleness last night.

“Also, she doesnt want you to break up with me because of her,” Grandpa Ji said, his eyes tearing up.

“Shes a good girl, but you two arent fated.

Dont be stubborn, Shiting.”

Grandpa Ji took out a document and handed it to her.

“Shes signed it.

Take a look.”

The words divorce agreementmade Ji Shitings eyes sting.

“How dare she…” At that moment, he was furious.

“She doesnt want to divorce you, but only then can you understand her determination,” Grandpa Ji said slowly.

“Ive checked.

There are very few symptoms like hers that can recover in three to five years.

Some wont recover for the rest of their lives.

If theres a certain time limit, even if its three to five years, Ill admit it if you want to wait, but her condition… Shiting, give up.”

Ji Shitings breathing was very slow, as if breathing was a huge burden to him at this moment.

He leaned against the wall behind him, and his pale face was pale.


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