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Chapter 551: Seems Thats All You Want

Ji Shiting glanced at the photo and raised an eyebrow.

“Which rich missy is this”

“Her name is Ling Yutong.

Shes the stepdaughter of Mr.

Jun, the consul.

She was engaged to you before, but you two separated because of an accident,” Grandpa Ji explained.

“She has a son.

Perhaps that child is yours.”

“Are you kidding me” Ji Shiting curled his lips.

“My ex has a son.

I still dont know whether that child is related to me or not.”

Grandpa Ji glared at him and said, “The results of my investigation show that the child is yours, but your test shows that the child isnt related to you by blood.

You were having a great time with that woman, Ye Shengge.

Perhaps you deceived me to prevent her from being sad”

Ji Shiting couldnt help scoffing, “It doesnt matter whether she is or not.

Since shes my ex, it means shes not suitable for me.

Whats the point of meeting her”

“You divorced Ye Shengge, yet you still slept with her” Grandpa Ji sneered.

“Perhaps Ling Yutong can arouse your interest.”

Ji Shiting looked at the photo, but he didnt complain.

“Not bad,” he commented.

“After all, shes the woman Ive fallen for before.”

Grandpa Ji couldnt help heaving a sigh of relief.

“Seems like you like that.”

The person he had introduced to Ji Shiting recently was either because he didnt think Ji Shiting was beautiful enough or because he found him boring.

His pickiness made Grandpa want to beat him up.

“But if that child isnt related to me by blood, do I have to raise a son for someone else” Ji Shiting put down the photo and said.

“I dont need you to raise the child.” Grandpa Ji snorted.

“I think Ling Yutong is good.

You two were together before, so its not difficult for you to be together now.

Besides, she gave birth to a child before, which means she is fertile.

This is very important.”

Ji Shiting was rendered speechless.

He hadnt expected that having a child would be an advantage towards his grandpas favor.

“But the question is, is she willing” Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow.

“Why wouldnt she” Grandpa Ji snorted.

“She agreed to meet you after knowing that you divorced Ye Shengge.”

Ji Shiting clenched his fist.

“In that case, lets meet,” he said.

“Theres nothing to lose anyway.”

Ye Shengge and Lin Qi went to the studio in the afternoon.

Shang Tianyi had just flown back from another city, and he had just arrived when Ye Shengge arrived.

“Come here!” Shang Tianyi waved at Ye Shengge.

“This is a demo tape Li Yinian recorded last night.

Listen to it!”

Shang Tianyi obviously wanted to make Li Yinian the companys brand, so he was very interested in her.

Ye Shengge was also a bit curious, so she took the earphones from him and put them in her ears.

The womans clear voice entered her ears, and she couldnt help gasping.

“Not bad, right” Shang Tianyi was thrilled.

“I didnt have much hope at first, as long as shes not completely talentless.

I didnt expect her to be so good! Shes so beautiful too.

Shes going to explode!”

Ye Shengge wasnt as excited as Shang Tianyi.

Li Yinian had become Qiao Yanzes problem, and that man wouldnt let it go easily.

She didnt know what he was up to.


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