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Chapter 543: Im Jealous

Before Lin Qi could come up with a plan, the man said, “Its fine.

Go prepare breakfast.”

Lin Qi was dazed.

That voice… Was it Mr.

Ji Was Mr.

Ji in Sister Shengges room

The mans hoarse voice and the womans whimpering made Lin Qi blush.

“Sorry, sorry!” After yelling, she grabbed her wallet and ran out of the house.

Coincidentally, she had been too lazy to go to that soup dumplings shop because she thought they were too far away, so she went to buy them today!

Ye Shengge couldnt have felt more sorry.

She was furious and shy, and her face and eyes were red.

“Let me go, Ji Shiting!” She glared at him.

“Shes already gone,” the man said, not wanting to let her go.

After that, Ye Shengge was dazed, and Ji Shiting carried her to the bathroom to take a shower.

The bathroom was very small, so Ji Shiting didnt feel uncomfortable.

Instead, he found it interesting, so he pressed her against the wall and bullied her again.

Ye Shengge couldnt help crying.

She was shivering as she put on her clothes.

Her eyes were red, but her face was pale.

The man had already put on his clothes and was about to kiss her, but she avoided him.

“What happened” The man grabbed her from behind and kissed her earlobe.

“You couldnt bear to let me go.”

“Ji Shiting.” She bit her lips.

“Youre lucky today.

What if… What if…”

“Yes, she came out once before you woke up,” the man said.

Ye Shengges face paled.

“Then you…”

“Im fine.” He hugged her tightly and said gently.

“She didnt do anything to me.”

Ye Shengge couldnt be bothered to be mad at him.

She turned around and tugged at his clothes.

She looked a bit fierce, and Ji Shiting smiled.

“Not enough, huh”

“Shut up!” Ye Shengge couldnt help yelling at him.

Ji Shiting was a bit surprised, then he smiled and said, “Not bad.

Youre getting bolder.”

She even dared to tell him to shut up.

Ye Shengge was even angrier.

“Didnt you lose your memory Thats how I treated you in the past.

I even scolded you everyday! Bastard, bastard, bastard!”

She couldnt help tearing up.

She had completely unbuttoned the mans collar, but he didnt seem to be hurt, except for a few clear nail marks on his collar bone.

Those were left behind when she had been bullied by him.

“Are you done with your checkup” Ji Shiting couldnt be bothered to adjust his messy clothes.

He pulled her into his embrace and said, “Didnt I say that she cant hurt me as long as Im prepared”

Ye Shengge leaned against his chest, still trembling.

“You lied to me.

You were lucky today.

She didnt come out at all… How are you going to subdue her next time Are you going to bully her like you bullied me”

She said with a hoarse voice.

The man was dazed, then he chuckled and said, “Are you… jealous of yourself”

“Thats right.

Im jealous.” Ye Shengge bit her lips.

“To me, were two different people.

Even if you dont touch her, I cant accept seeing her naked!”


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