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Chapter 54: I Have to Disengage You if I Choose to Play the Role

Ye Shengge was so pissed that she almost sneered.

This wholedate was nothing but a trap for her.

There was something that Mu Yanhuai wanted to say but found it awkward to do so, so he needed Cheng Fang to say it for him.

What amused Ye Shengge was that Mu Yanhuai had used a date as an excuse to trick her.

He really had no respect for her feelings.

“You think I paid the commenters to trash Mu Xiaoya, dont you, Yanhuai” Ye Shengge looked at the man beside her.

“However, the entire public was questioning me when the cast choice was released.

You were behind that, werent you”

“Yes,” Mu Yanhuai admitted it without hesitation and smiled.

“But thats for our company.

Reputation isnt important for you cause this is your only show, so we need to bring Xiaoya up.

I thought youd understand this.”

Ye Shengge smiled, “Thats right.

Which is why I didnt question you last time, but this time, the team chose to bring me up and to put Mu Xiaoya down.

After all, I performed better than her.”

Mu Yanhuai was dazed and said, “Is this the teams promotion strategy”

“Of course,” Ye Shengge kept a straight face.

“Or what else”

Mu Yanhuai frowned, yet Cheng Fang couldnt hold back anymore, “Have you no shame Our Xiaoya is already a star.

How dare you say you performed better than her”

“What can I do Thats what others think.” Ye Shengge shrugged her shoulders and said.

“Theres no point scolding me, auntie.”

“Is this how you talk to your elders” Cheng Fang couldnt have been more furious.

She stood up and said, “Yanhuai, we dont want a daughter-in-law like this!”

“Sit down first, mom.” Mu Yanhuai took a deep breath and turned around.

“I feel like youve changed, Shengge.”

Ye Shengge felt a great sense of revenge and bitterness upon hearing that.

“Really I reckon youre just overthinking.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“You will suspect me no matter what happens.

Arent you engaged Why dont you trust me at all”

“Trust” Mu Xiaoya said contemptuously.

“You cheated on Brother Yanhuai, otherwise, you wouldnt have got theXue Ning part.”

“Thats right!” Cheng Fang yelled again.

“Our family has rules.

Those whore immoral cant marry into our family.”

Mu Yanhuai gave Cheng Fang a hand sign, signaling her to be quiet.

“Shengge, youre not as devoted to me and the company as you were before you took the role.” Mu Yanhuai gazed at her.

“I know this is something that youve always longed for, but this opportunity is doing nothing beneficial to our relationship.

Do you really think its worth it”

Finally, he had said it.

Ye Shengge sneered.

“What do you mean” She smiled, still looking firm.

“What else do you think he means” Cheng Fang sneered.

“Give the role back to Xiaoya, then Ill let this go.

Otherwise, dont even think about marrying into our family.”

“Are you saying that I have to disengage with you if I choose to play the part” Ye Shengge smiled.

Mu Yanhuai was dazed.

This was exactly why he had asked his mother to come today.

He had thought that Ye Shengge would choose to stay engaged with him after struggling to make a decision.

After all, he was certain that Ye Shengge wouldnt let him go like this after three years of devotion.


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