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Chapter 52: Someone Got Paid Posters for Her

Qiao Yanze was indeed drunk, and Yu Shuhang was also drank a fair bit with those rich boys.

Ji Shiting was the most sober one, so he prepared to drive his two drunk friends back to Qianfan Villa.

Qiao Yanze kept laughing and he put his hand on Yu Shuhangs shoulder and said, “Let me tell you something.

Ji Shiting gave me some relationship advice, and I found it very smart.


“Him Hahaha…” Yu Shuhang also couldnt help laughing.

Ji Shiting, who was driving, sneered.

Those two looked like idiots.

After a short while, his car arrived at Qianfan Villa, and he left the two drunkards to the staff.

Sun Ye was waiting for him in the villa.

“Boss, these are the documents that need your attention right now,” Sun Ye said while laying the documents in front of him.

Ji Shiting rubbed his forehead, skimmed through all the documents and signed them.

He suddenly asked, “Did anything else important happened recently”

Anything else

Sun Ye was dazed first, then he understood what his boss was talking about.

“There is something.” He coughed and said, “Ms.

Ye is constantly being questioned afterXue Ning announced the cast choice, and most of the people think it was Ms.

Ye who framed Mu Xiaoya to get the lead actress role.”

Ji Shitings eyebrows twitched, “Do you think someones behind this”

“Thats right,” Sun Ye nodded.

“Mu Yanhuai from Star Brilliance paid a lot of people to post stuff like that.”

Mu Yanhuai If he remembered it correctly, he was technically still Ye Shengges fiancé.

Why hadnt that dumb woman broken up with him What was she thinking

Ji Shiting frowned and said, “Then find a time to fight back.”

Sun Ye said, “I understand.

Please, go have a rest, boss.

Ill give the documents to the people in the company.”

“Okay,” Ji Shiting nodded.

His two drunk friends had already fallen asleep in the guest rooms.

Ji Shiting brushed his teeth and washed his face after getting back to his bedroom, and then clicked on the photos sent by Xu Xiangjie again.

He stared at his phone for a long time before putting it away, and he lied on the back.

Ji Shiting had never felt so pampered as he did now that he had such a large bed all to himself.

He moved his larynx and smiled, “Is great sex really enough already”


In two days,Xue Ning published the official posters for the cast.

Last week, people on the Internet had still been talking about the cast choice, so the official posters had drawn lots of attention, and people on the Internet couldnt have been look forward to the show any more than they already were.

After all, the official posters showed how intricate this show was.

And most importantly, the lead female character, Xue Ning, was just amazing.

The public opinion immediately changed after that poster.

“Damn it! Who said Ye Shengge got the part by sleeping with the direction This photo alone is enough to clear all the accusations.”

“Mu Xiaoya is nothing compared to Ye Shengge.

Thank God it isnt Mu Xiaoya whos playing that part.”

“My God! This is the lead actress I want.

Its amazing! Look at her eyes!”

“When is the show airing I cant wait anymore!”

The public opinion was turned on its head.

Even Ye Shengge was dazed by the praise.

The official posters were indeed a chance for her to strike back, but it was going much better than she had expected.

She suspected someone had paid people to post for her.


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