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Chapter 516: He Saw Someone Just Like Himself

Song Ruxus resume was magnificent.

She was from Harvard, her masters degree was from Yale, and her PhD was from Harvard.

Although she was young, she was already an expert in applied psychology.

Her PhD research project was about personality disorder, and she had successfully cured two cases.

“Im her undergraduate schoolmate, but shes always disliked me,” Gu Yimo said.

“I paid a huge price to invite her here!”

Ye Shengge was very grateful.


Gu, Im willing to donate half of my income to you as your research fund.”

“Thats great!” Gu Yimo was thrilled.

“Sister-in-law, youre a good person.

Youre completely different from Old Ji!”

His research had always been remote and unpopular, so few people were willing to sponsor him.

Previously, only Ji Shiting had thought highly of him and was willing to sponsor him, so Ji Shiting had grabbed his life.

Now that he had another sponsor, Ye Shengge, how could he not be excited

Ye Shengge couldnt help biting her lips when she heard him mention Ji Shiting.

“By the way, do you know Shiting…”

“Oh, hes fine.

He just got discharged two days ago,” Gu Yimo said.

“I heard that Grandpa is helping him familiarize himself with the companys business.

Now that everyone knows that he lost his memory, some people want to hit him when hes down and get destroyed.


Gu Yimo laughed heartily.

Ye Shengge suppressed her bitterness and said, “Okay, thats good.”

“Dont worry, sister-in-law.

Song Ruxu is amazing,” Gu Yimo comforted her.

“Youll definitely recover with her.”

Song Ruxu was currently living in a villa in Lake Villa, which was also under Gu Yimos name.

Ye Shengge was going there.

Lin Qi was in charge of driving.

Ye Shengge was sitting in the front passenger seat, still checking her work documents on her tablet.

“Rest for a bit, Sister Shengge,” said Lin Qi.

“Youve been working so hard lately that even Brother Tianyi is shocked!”

Ye Shengge couldnt help smiling.

“Didnt he always complain that I left him to run the studio all by himself”

“You were filming back then, so its understandable,” said Lin Qi.

“Give yourself a break before your new show starts.

Speaking of which, you havent had any rest in the past few years.

You slogged away for Mu Yanhuai, then for the studio and your new show.

My heart aches just watching it.”

“Speaking of Mu Yanhuai…” Ye Shengges eyes glinted.” The Xiao family has officially invested in Star Brilliance, hasnt it Hes been very generous lately and stole a lot of our resources.


Brother Tianyi curses him in the office every day.” Lin Qi wrinkled her nose.

“And Xiao Ruilang.”

Ye Shengges eyes dimmed at the thought of Xiao Ruilang.

She had regained her childhood memories, but… she had never seen Xiao Ruilang before.

However, Xiao Ruilang said they had met when they were young.

Unless… he saw someone just like himself.

After all, she didnt share her memories with her second personality.

Speaking of which, the second personalitys evil, cunning, and bottomless personality suited Xiao Ruilangs taste very well.

Had he guessed something when he had drugged himself So his motive wasnt to violate her, but to hope that her second personality would come out


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