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Chapter 492: Is My Taste That Bad

Both Grandpa Ji and Xu Shaoqing were shocked.

However, neither of them exposed her lie.

Grandpa Ji suddenly realized that Ji Shitings amnesia was a good thing because he definitely didnt remember Ye Shengge anymore.

That way, he wouldnt have to worry about Ji Shiting continuing to be entangled with that woman.

Thus, he agreed with Xie Siqi.

Xu Shaoqing had the same thoughts as Grandpa Ji.

Most importantly, she was giving face to Xie Siqi.

Besides, she could guess Xie Siqis feelings for Ji Shiting, so she wanted to help her fulfill her wish.

Uncle Jin wouldnt say anything.

Ji Shiting looked at her calmly and critically.

It was so quiet in the ward that you could hear a pin drop.

All you could hear was Xie Siqis rapid breathing.

She looked at the mans handsome face and smiled the standard smile she had practiced countless times.

She repeated, “Shiting, its alright if you dont remember me.

As long as you know that were very in love.”

“Tsk…” The man sighed.” Is my taste that bad ”

Xie Siqis face paled, and her smile froze.

“Ahem…” Grandpa Ji couldnt help coughing, and Xu Shaoqing looked embarrassed.

“Do we have a marriage certificate” The man asked sarcastically.

Obviously, he didnt trust Xie Siqis identity, and he wasnt interested in her at all.

“Um…” Grandpa Ji was stumped.

He definitely couldnt give her the marriage certificate.

He couldnt let Xie Siqi bear Ye Shengges name from now on, right

“This is your Sister Xie.” Xu Shaoqing stepped forward to mediate.

“Shes just kidding.”

“This kind of joke… The man scoffed.

“Your sister Xie joked with you because she didnt want you to be sad.” Grandpa Ji tried to mediate.

“Do you remember how you got hurt”

The man looked at him.

“Its your wife who hurt you,” Grandpa Ji said.

“You two had an argument, and she stabbed you with a knife during the argument.

You almost died because of that.

Your marriage will definitely be unsustainable.

Your wife has already signed the divorce agreement.”

Uncle Jin took the divorce agreement from his grandpa and handed it to Ji Shiting.

There seemed to be an undercurrent in the mans dark eyes.

He took the divorce agreement and flipped to the last page.

He clenched his fists when he saw the womans signature.

However, he didnt show it at all.

“Ye Shengge” He said.

“Thats right.” Grandpa Ji saw how calm he was, and he finally let go of his doubts.

“Hurry up and sign it, and then I can take it to the notary.”

“Although were about to get a divorce, you should at least let me see her before that, right”

“Is there a need to” Grandpa Ji was suspicious again.

“I cant not recognize my ex-wife, can I” Ji Shiting said as he looked at his grandpa.

“Or is there something going on”

After Grandpa Ji left the room to visit Ji Shiting, Ye Shengge was asked out by the bodyguards.

She could only return to the ward on the third floor.

She felt completely empty just thinking about the divorce agreement she had signed.


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