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Chapter 483: You Dont Deserve To Be With Shiting

Ye Shengge still shook her head.

She wanted to accompany him until he woke up.

Most importantly, Ye Shengge didnt dare sleep at all.

She was afraid that her other personality would come out once she fell asleep.

From what she knew, her second personality wouldnt be able to occupy her body as long as she was awake.

Xu Shaoqing and Xie Siqi arrived late.

After finding out that Ji Shiting was out of danger, Grandpa Ji had been dragged back to his room by Uncle Jin, and he was probably asleep.

Thus, apart from the medical staff, only Ye Shengge and Sister Xiu were left in the hallway.

Xu Shaoqing rushed to Sister Xiu and grabbed her shoulders.

“Wheres Shiting Hows Shiting”

“Young Master is out of danger,” Sister Xiu said.

“Dont worry.”

“Thats good, thats good…” Xu Shaoqing mumbled, then she looked at Ye Shengge.

In the past, Xu Shaoqing had only disliked her, but now, she not only disliked her, but also hated her.

“Its you” Xu Shaoqing walked to Ye Shengge, his lips trembling.

“Did you hurt Shiting”

Ye Shengges eyelashes fluttered, and she said, “Im sorry.”

Xu Shaoqing suddenly raised his right hand and hit Ye Shengges left cheek.

Ye Shengge didnt dodge.

Xu Shaoqing used a lot of strength in that slap, and Ye Shengge was slapped to the side.

Her left cheek was swollen.

“Isnt Shiting good enough for you He doesnt even care about me, his mother, for you.” Xu Shaoqings voice trembled.

“I wont let you off if anything happens to Shiting!”

Ye Shengge took a deep breath, closed her eyes and said, “Sorry, auntie.”

She couldnt argue against Xu Shaoqings accusation.

Xie Siqi was beside Xu Shaoqing, and she was thrilled to see the handprint on Ye Shengges face.

“Mom, dont tire yourself out for someone unrelated to you.” She held Xu Shaoqing gently.

“Go rest.

Shiting needs you to take care of him when he wakes up.”

Xu Shaoqing glared at Ye Shengge, turned around and sat down.

Perhaps Sister Xiu didnt want to be with Ye Shengge, so Xu Shaoqing agreed.

Xie Siqi didnt leave.

She stood in front of Ye Shengge and sized her up.

The woman before her was only wearing a smooth sleeping robe, and she looked very disheveled.

There were many bloodstains on her body, but the traces of blood made her look indescribably beautiful and gentle.

There were still red marks on the womans exposed neck and collar bone.

It was a hickey.

Xie Siqi couldnt have hated the thought of that woman being intimate with Shiting.

“Mom only slapped you once.

Its still too light.” Xie Siqi smiled.

“You dont deserve to be with Shiting.”

Xie Siqi smiled and raised her arm, but…

Ye Shengge grabbed her wrist.

Ye Shengge had been in a daze ever since she showed up with Xu Shaoqing.

She hadnt reacted even when Xu Shaoqing had slapped her, so Xie Siqi hadnt expected her to still have the strength to stop her.

“You…” She was about to say something when the woman looked up and stared at her coldly.


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