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Chapter 482: If You Dont Wake Up

“I should go.” Gu Yimo stood up.

“Although I want to wait until Old Jis operation ends, its not appropriate for me to stay here.

Grandpa might be worried… Give me a call after Old Jis operation.”

Ye Shengge nodded and forced a smile.

After Gu Yimo left, Sister Xiu walked out of the lounge and brought her a cup of hot water.

“Please have some, Young Madam.”

Ye Shengge hesitated for a bit and took it.

“Thank you.”

She couldnt fall now.

She had to wait until Ji Shiting woke up.

Ye Shengge took a deep breath and finished the water in the cup.

Feeling that she had regained some strength, she put the cup aside and stood up.

She swayed when she stood up.

Sister Xiu wanted to help her, but she refused.

“I can manage,” she mumbled and walked to the door of the operating room.

The door of the operating room blocked all sound, so she couldnt hear anything.

However, if she stood closer, she would feel closer to Ji Shiting.

He couldnt bear to leave her alone, could he

Thus, he would definitely be fine.

Tears streamed down her face again.

After what seemed like a century, the indicator light of the operating theater finally went out.

Ye Shengges heart pounded, and she couldnt help grabbing her collar as if she couldnt breathe.

Uncle Jin rushed out of the lounge with the old master, whose hands were trembling.

A doctor stepped out and took off his mask.


Ji is out of danger for the time being.”

Ye Shengge couldnt help feeling weak.

If Sister Xiu hadnt been holding her, she mightve fallen to the ground.

“Okay, okay.

Thats good.” Grandpa Ji was tearing up.

“Thank you, thank you.”

“You said hes out of danger for the time being…” Ye Shengge took a deep breath.” What do you mean ”

“His bleeding has stopped, and all his vital signs are recovering, but hes still in a coma,” the doctor explained.

“Itll be best if he can wake up in 24 hours.

If he doesnt wake up soon, we might have other decisions to make… So, hell need to be observed in the ICU for a few days.

But dont worry.

I think its very likely that Mr.

Ji will wake up.”

“I understand.” Grandpa Ji nodded.

“Please, doctors.” Ye Shengge choked.

“Well do our best.” The doctor nodded at her.

Ji Shiting was pushed out of the operating room and sent to the ICU, but the doctor didnt allow anyone to get close to him.

Before his condition stabilized, they werent allowed to enter the ICU.

However, Ye Shengge was lucky to see Ji Shiting when he was pushed out of the operating room, even though he was a distance away.

He seemed to have fallen asleep.

Other than his pale face, he didnt look much different from usual.

He was still so handsome that it mesmerized her.

Tears blurred her eyes, but in just a few seconds, the man was pushed into the ICU ward.

“Young Madam, since Young Master is out of danger, you should rest too.” Sister Xiu was also full of reproach for Ye Shengge, but she couldnt bear to see her so dejected.


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