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Chapter 475: You Will Disappear If You Kill Her

She chuckled and said, “No way.

Did you know that she killed someone before Thats when I showed up.

She couldnt believe she killed someone, so she created me.

Im different from her.

I like blood.”

She then licked her lips.

Ji Shitings pupils contracted.

“Did you hurt Ye Haocheng too”

“Thats right.” She tilted her head.

“But I didnt do it on purpose.

I just wanted to see blood.

But after she woke up, she was so afraid.

Shes so useless.”

It was as if Ji Shiting was looking at a small, pitiful figure.

He swallowed hard and said, “You can go back now.”

“I dont want it.

I havent seen blood in a long time,” she said, looking like a girl who had lost her temper because she didnt have any candy.

Ji Shitings heart skipped a beat.

Ye Shengge was nine years old when her memories were sealed, which meant that her second personality might still be conscious when she was nine.

As long as Shengge was determined, it wouldnt be difficult to destroy that personality.

“You wont leave until you see blood” Ji Shiting stared at her.

“Yes.” She smiled wickedly and raised her right hand.

“I have a knife.”

The woman was indeed holding a sharp fruit knife.

She had been hiding it in her robe just now.

Ji Shiting said, “Are you going to make me bleed”

She sized him up and shook her head, “No, I cant beat you.”

She then pointed the knife at herself and said, “Would you feel sorry if I hurt this body”

“Stop!” Ji Shitings expression changed.

“If you have to see blood, I can stand still and let you do whatever you want.”

“You are lying.

If I go over, youll definitely snatch my knife.” She blinked, and in the next second, she cut her left arm.

“Shengge!” Ji Shiting couldnt breathe seeing the blood on the womans arm.

He rushed toward her, but the woman pointed the knife at her heart.

“Dont come over,” she threatened.

Ji Shiting had to stop himself.

“Dont hurt this body.

Youll disappear if you kill her.”

His voice was literally begging.

“Its alright.

Im not afraid.” She licked her lips, enjoying the mans terrified and pained expression.

She sighed.

“You care about her a lot.

Why did you make her sad”

Ji Shiting clenched his fist and said, “Put down the knife.”

“No,” she said and smiled.

She unbuttoned her shirt and put the knife to her chest.

Ji Shiting was shocked.

“What are you trying to do”

The mans voice was hoarse and painful as he looked at her chest.

It was supposed to be a seductive scene, but Ji Shiting only noticed that the tip of the fruit knife had sunk into her skin.

Ji Shiting was afraid that she would really stick the knife in, so he didnt dare act rashly.

However, it was the most torturous thing to see.

“What do I want to do” She looked confused.

“Actually, I dont know either.

Why dont we…”


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