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Chapter 465: She Gave Her Heart to Him Completely

Because of the drug, her voice was broken, and she sounded like she was crying.

However, Ji Shiting heard every word clearly.

The man tightened his grip and hugged her tightly.

He pressed his forehead against hers and breathed heavily, “Ye Shengge.”

He called her name, and his voice was hoarse, as if all his complicated emotions were focused on those two words.

“Im not lying to you.” She looked up and breathed on his neck.

“Ji Shiting, Im not lying to you.”

She sounded aggrieved.

Back then, she had approached him with ulterior motives, and in order to get rid of the birthmark, she had done everything she could to please him.

Ji Shiting knew that she was being perfunctory, and he had been furious with her many times.

However, every word she said today was sincere.

If he still had doubts, she would be very upset.

At this moment, she finally admitted defeat.

She had given her heart to him completely.

She didnt want the same response, but at least, she hoped that he would cherish it.

Ji Shiting breathed harder.

His Adams apple bobbed several times, but he didnt say anything.

Perhaps he didnt know what to say, or perhaps he didnt know where to start.

Finally, he closed his eyes and groaned, grabbing her chin and kissing her burning lips.

Ye Shengge couldnt help moaning.

The drug was strong and overbearing, and it had ignited a fire in her body.

The mans lips were like rain after a long drought to her.

She stuck out her tongue clumsily, desperate for that intoxicating smell.

However, just as her tongue reached out, it was sucked by the man.

He held the back of her head and took her softness and sweetness.

The strong hormones made her intoxicated.

After a while, Ji Shiting let her go and took deep breaths to suppress his desire.

However, Ye Shengges mind was completely under control.

The kiss was like a spark to her, making her desire burn even more.

Her eyes were dazed, and her face was flushed.

Her red lips moved closer to kiss the mans face and chin.

After the man stopped her, she kissed his palm again.

The tip of her tongue stroked and licked, and Ji Shiting almost lost control.

“Shengge!” He called her name, his pupils contracting.

“Calm down, okay”

However, the woman couldnt hear him at all.

She pouted, hugged his arm and bit his wrist.

Very few people knew that this was also a mans sensitive point.

Ji Shiting snorted, and his chest heaved.

He wanted to push her away immediately, but seeing her innocent face, he couldnt muster any strength.

Ye Shengge took the chance to burrow into his embrace again, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing the corner of his lips like a girl tasting candy.

She smiled sweetly and clicked her tongue.


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