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Chapter 461: How Can You Forget Me


Ye Shengge stopped in her tracks.

She turned around and looked at him.

“What do you know”

“Sit down and lets talk.” Xiao Ruilang curled his lips.

“I wont do anything to you with Mr.

Shang around.”

Ye Shengge bit her lips.

She knew that Xiao Ruilang was dangerous, and Xiao Ruilang couldnt be trusted.

She should turn around and leave immediately, but… she was too curious about the secret of the birthmark.

What had made Ji Shiting unwilling to let her remember the past

“Sit, sister-in-law.” Xiao Ruilang sounded more seductive.

“Ill tell you everything I know.”

Shang Tianyi was confused.

He looked at Ye Shengge.

Ye Shengge hesitated for a bit, took out her phone and called Xiao Qiu.

“Bring someone in to look for me if I havent left in ten minutes.”

Xiao Qiu was Ji Shitings subordinate, and he was in charge of protecting her.

Xiao Qiu would follow her wherever she went.

Xiao Qiu answered solemnly.

Ye Shengge hung up the phone and sat across from Xiao Ruilang.

“You can speak now.”

“Have some tea first.” The man smiled and poured her a cup of water.

“Sister-in-law, do you find me annoying”

Ye Shengge didnt touch the cup of tea.

That man seemed crazy and unpredictable, but in reality, he was very calculative and knew what he really needed.

Sometimes, his seemingly unreliable actions might be hiding his true motive.

For example, he had seemed to be making things difficult for Li Yinian at the clubhouse, but in reality, he was trying to lure Ji Shiting out so that Ji Shiting would know that she had met Jun Hua.

“How did you know about the birthmark on my face” Ye Shengge looked at him calmly.

“Did Mr.

Jun tell you”

“Of course not.” Xiao Ruilang chuckled.

“I found your photo in Mr.

Shangs email, which surprised me.

Then, I called Mu Xiaoya and she told me that you had a red birthmark on your face.

This made me have some interesting conjectures.”

Shang Tianyi stomped his feet and said, “Its you!”

“Sorry, I hid a trojan horse virus in the information link I sent you,” Xiao Ruilang said apologetically.

Shang Tianyi wanted to hit someone.

“Guess” Ye Shengge sneered.

“Sorry, Im not interested in your guess! Lets go, Tianyi!”

She then stood up and prepared to leave.

“Sister-in-law.” Xiao Ruilangs voice suddenly became gentle.

“Actually, I really like you, but you dont seem to trust me.”

Ye Shengge realized something was wrong.

She quickened her pace and touched the door of the room, but at that moment, she heard a groan behind her.

She turned around and saw Shang Tianyi on the ground.

“Xiao Ruilang, you…” Ye Shengge was furious, but before she could finish, she felt dizzy.

Before she lost consciousness, she heard Xiao Ruilang sigh, “How could you forget me…”

At the same time, Yang City International Airport.

Ji Shiting had already dialed Ye Shengges number when he walked out of the VIP passage.

However, no one picked up the phone.


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