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Chapter 454: Which Big Shot Has Such Taste

There were three topics trending about Ye Shengge.

Because she had just become the lead actress of Chen Anzhis new movie, and she was at the peak of her popularity, the sudden appearance of such a photo immediately attracted everyones attention.

She clicked on the relevant Weibo, and all the comments were—

“Can you enter the entertainment world with those looks”

“Damn it, it hurts my eyes!”

“To be honest, Ye Shengges facial features are still very good-looking, but… I couldnt notice her facial features with that birthmark.”

“First, its the lead actress ofXue Ning, then its the lead actress of Chen Anzhis new movie,Cross.

Where did she get all that power from”

“I second it.

Besides, no one wants such a big birthmark on their face.

Which big shot has such taste”

Ye Shengge couldnt help being amused.

Ji Shiting had such taste indeed.

“Why are you smiling, Sister Shengge” Lin Qi was about to cry.

“Calm down.

Calm down.

Youre part of the entertainment world after all.

You cant be so mentally weak,” Ye Shengge comforted him.

However, she couldnt help feeling a bit emotional as she read the comments on the Internet.

If she had released the photos when she was Summer Wood, she would probably have been in this kind of public opinion.

She definitely wouldnt have been able to accept it.

However, she was so calm seeing how the netizens were commenting on her photos.

It had to be said that it was all thanks to Ji Shiting that she had been reborn.

“Dont bother about this anymore.

Let the public opinion continue to spread.”

Lin Qi couldnt understand.


“Its simple.

Being infamous is good publicity too .” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Im a newcomer who hasnt even done any work yet, yet Im already on the trending list.

Do you know how many people would be jealous of me As for these photos… To be honest, for an actress, as long as she doesnt commit any crimes, cheat, or take drugs, theres nothing that cant be cleared.

Besides, Im not considered a black mark.”

“But, but…”

“‘Xue Ning is done.

Chen Anzhi doesnt mind, and the lead actress is still mine.

This so-called scandal wont have a fatal impact on my career.” Ye Shengge was calm.

“Of course, no one will ask me to film for now, but everything will be different whenXue Ning is released.”

Perhaps she wouldnt need to wait forXue Ning to be released.

After her birthmark was completely removed, she could prepare a counterattack.

At that time, it would be more effective to slap her in the face.

She had planned to force Ji Shiting to change his mind by exposing her photos, so she had planned a complete plan with Shang Tianyi.

She had even chosen a few photos of herself and sent them to Shang Tianyi, preparing to expose them when the time was right.

However, after that night, she decided to listen to him and settle down for a while, so she let it go and told Shang Tianyi to stay put.

She hadnt expected the photos to be exposed at this time, so she wasnt angry even though she was surprised.

Lin Qi asked, “By the way, do you want to ask your husband for help Mr.

Ji wont let these people off, would he”

Ye Shengge was dazed.

Speaking of which, public opinion had been brewing for some time, and that man hadnt called her yet.

Did he think she was behind everything on the Internet


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