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Chapter 450: Gluttony Feast

Ye Shengges heart skipped a beat as she listened to his deep and hoarse voice, as if she couldnt handle the information and energy behind that sentence.

Before she could react, she was already in his embrace.

She buried her face in the mans chest and greedily took in his cold aura.

Ji Shiting was dazed, then he chuckled and said, “Touched, huh”

Ye Shengge was lost for words.

Couldnt he stop teasing her and make her feel touched for a few more seconds

“On account that I feel sorry for you.” He put his hand into her hair and said helplessly.

“Can you be more obedient and stop making things difficult for your birthmark”

Ye Shengge scoffed.

He felt sorry for her and didnt want her to be hurt at all.

It sounded nice, but why did it sound like he was coaxing her

However, it was rare for that man to express his heartache and reluctance.

She would admit it even if he was coaxing her.

“Ive always been very well-behaved,” she explained.

“Ive said it several times.

Xie Siqi was the one behind what happened today.”

Although it was the same excuse, it sounded like she was compromising.

Ji Shiting smiled and said, “Yes, Ive wronged you.”

Ye Shengge felt guilty.

She thought that perhaps she was being too impatient.

After all, that man wouldnt abandon her anytime soon.

“I forgive you,” she said magnanimously.

The argument finally ended, and Ye Shengge stopped talking about sleeping in separate rooms.

Ji Shiting went to take a shower.

Ye Shengge picked up the pajamas on the ground, thought for a bit, went back to the wardrobe and changed into a thin set of pajamas.

She then closed the heavy curtain and turned off the light in the room, leaving only a dim bedside lamp.

The atmosphere was hazy and suitable for sleeping.

Ye Shengge nodded and lay down on the bed.

She stared at the dim ceiling and recalled her conversation with Ji Shiting.

Sometimes, she felt that she was the same kind of person as Ji Shiting.

She lacked a sense of security, and she was afraid of being hurt, so she was stingy with her heart.

And Ji Shiting hated betrayal and infidelity.

He needed to ensure that she was completely under his control before he could give her anything other than love.

Unfortunately, she had fallen for him long ago, but Ji Shiting was still calm.

It was because of his calmness that she couldnt stay still.

Even if she compromised today, Ye Shengge doubted she could last long.

She was so distracted that she didnt notice Ji Shiting coming out of the bathroom.

She only came to her senses when the mans burning body pressed against her.

Ji Shiting put his hand under her dress and said, “Did you specially set this up”

In the quiet and dark room, the woman was lying on the bed, wearing only a thin lacy nightdress.

Her smooth skin was glowing like a feast waiting for him to enjoy.

The man couldnt resist it at all.

Ye Shengge felt a sense of achievement when she heard his hoarse voice.

At least that man never hid his desire for her.

Perhaps he would love immensely one day.

Ye Shengge was thrilled, and the smile on her face became sweet and shy.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and nodded.


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