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Chapter 440: Questioning Your Taste Against Women

Ji Shiting smiled and said, “Does that mean I have to thank you for showing mercy”

“Thank you…” Ye Shengge swallowed her words and glared at him.” Who are you to her Are you thanking me for her ”

The woman looked flirtatious.

Ji Shiting said, “Um, I said something wrong.”

Ye Shengge coughed and said, “However, Xie Siqi will definitely question your taste in women in the future.”

The man was still staring at her face and said, “Huh”

“Shell definitely wonder why Ji Shiting likes such a shameless woman.” Ye Shengge felt smug thinking about Xie Siqis twisted face.

“The type you like is obviously the opposite of the persona shes been trying to create.”

“Shameless” The man chuckled.

“Do you know yourself well”

Ye Shengge was dazed for a bit, then she yelled, “Ji Shiting, I want to sleep in the same room as you tonight!”

They didnt sleep in separate rooms that night.

However, because he had just fed the man last night, the man didnt force Ye Shengge after she rejected him.

“Unless you dont wear a condom.” Ye Shengge rolled her eyes.

“Then you can do it anytime you want.”

Ji Shiting swallowed hard and remained silent for a few seconds before chuckling, “Youd better give up that idea forever.”

Ye Shengge puffed her cheeks.

No, she wouldnt give up on that idea.

She still had to work hard for that goal.

The next day, Ye Shengge returned to the set.

To her surprise, Shang Tianyi was there as well.

The moment she entered the makeup room, Shang Tianyi and Lin Qi looked at her with admiration.

That gaze made her uncomfortable.

“Cough, Tianyi, youre here too” She smiled and greeted them.

“You and Ji Shiting are married!” Shang Tianyi screamed.

“Why didnt you tell me Do you not treat me as a friend”

Lin Qi nodded.

Ye Shengge couldnt explain it, so she said, “Its just a recent event… I told you immediately.”

“Humph.” Shang Tianyi was still a bit dissatisfied.

He sized her up and said, “But Im not surprised by this result after meeting your husband twice.

Tsk tsk… You wont be able to escape from him!”

“Im not trying to run away.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Damn it, I cant take it anymore.” Shang Tianyi rolled his eyes.

“Go do your makeup.

Ill tell you about the studios recent results.”

The studios momentum was rapid, and several artists signed the contract smoothly.

The contract was also in talks, and Shang Tianyi was very energetic every day.

“Although Star Brilliance occasionally causes trouble, it doesnt pose a threat to me at all,” Shang Tianyi said smugly.

“Well done!” Ye Shengge gave him a thumbs up.

Ye Shengge spent a few days filming on set, and on the third day, a car drove into the set.

Uncle Jin got out of the car and walked to her.

Ye Shengge wasnt surprised at all.

Xie Siqi didnt disappoint her.

It seemed that Grandpa had heard the news.

However, she still had to look shocked in front of Uncle Jin.

“Young Madam.” Uncle Jin smiled.

“The chairman invited you to the manor.”


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