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Chapter 429: Bargain

“Impossible!” Ling Yutong cried out.

“Shiting, youre lying to me, right You were the man that night! I called your name, and you didnt deny it! And the next morning, I saw the note you left! I recognized your handwriting!”

Ji Shiting frowned and said, “Whats was written on the note”

“You said…” Ling Yutong choked for a bit and continued,” You said… Even if I used my body as a bargaining chip, you still wouldnt be able to help the Ling family get through this.

I knew then that it might really be over between us.

The man she loved thought she was using her body as a bargaining chip.

She was almost heartbroken, but she didnt explain herself in the end.

She knew that Ji Shiting had already said that he wouldnt help the Ling family, so she would only be embarrassing herself even if she explained.

After that day, she rushed to the bank and the court, hoping to save her father.

Unfortunately, her father was still sentenced.

Ji Shiting had been watching from the sidelines.

And then she realized she was pregnant.

She had gone to see Ji Shiting for the last time, intending to tell him about the child, but her pride prevented her from saying anything, so she chose to break up.

She had thought that she would tell Ji Shiting about her pregnancy if he didnt agree.

However, she was disappointed.

Ling Yutong still remembered the mans solemn expression.

There was no reluctance in his eyes.

She couldnt help tearing up.

Ji Shiting saw how she was trying to control herself, so he paused for a bit and said, “Obviously, someone imitated my handwriting and misled you.”

Ling Yutong clenched his fist and found it difficult to breathe.

“No… Impossible… Shiting, you must be lying to me!”

“If it were me, I wouldnt have touched you at all that night.” The man looked at her and said calmly.

“After all, I thought you had betrayed me.

At that time, I wanted to break off the engagement with you, but something happened to your family, so I didnt mention it.”

Ling Yutong felt dizzy.

She looked at the mans pitiful eyes and realized that he was telling the truth.

“Besides, its about your father,” Ji Shiting added.

“If he was framed, I might not mind reaching out to him even if I misunderstood you.

However, hes definitely guilty.”

Ling Yutongs lips parted several times, but he didnt say anything.

It turned out that all her grievances and humiliation were all a joke.

If she hadnt thought that the child was Ji Shitings, she wouldnt have given birth to Little Zheng so decisively.

The warm veil on that night in her memories was suddenly removed.

Her blood turned cold at the thought that that man was just a stranger.

“Who… is it” She said with a bitter smile.

“Who is Little Zhengs father”

“Im still investigating.” Ji Shiting thought for a bit.

“You spent a night with him after all.

Perhaps you can give me some clues.”

Ling Yutong opened her mouth and bit her lips, “There are no clues.

I dont remember anymore!”


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