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Chapter 423: I Didnt Expect You to Be Like This, Ji Shiting

Ji Shiting pinched the condom between his fingers and smiled, “Even if theres no benefit in being so proactive”

“Didnt I say I want it” She licked her lips and said.

“This is the benefit I want.”

The man looked at her and didnt say anything for a while.

This woman had always taken the initiative to get rid of the birthmark.

If there were no benefits… this seemed to be the first time.

Ye Shengge blushed, probably because she could tell that he was suspicious.

“Are you not going to touch me anymore Are you going to sleep with other women”

Ji Shiting chuckled, lifted her collar and put the condom on her chest.

He then grabbed her hands and pressed himself against her.

Ye Shengge gasped, acting abashed.

It was this shyness that made Ji Shitings heart burn.

He bent down and kissed her deeply.

The temperature in the air rose bit by bit.

The mans kiss was burning and lingering.

Ye Shengges heart was numb from his kiss, and she didnt know when he had completely taken off her sleeping robe.

The intimacy of the skin contact made her mouth go dry.

Ji Shiting looked at her blushing face and swallowed hard.

He lowered his head to bite her lips again and said, “Call me Big Bro.”

“…Huh” Ye Shengge came back to reality and mumbled, “What”

Call him… Big Bro

She must have heard wrongly.

Ji Shiting said, “I asked you to call me Big Bro.”

Ye Shengge realized that she hadnt heard wrongly, and her face heated up.

“This is too… too…”

Did he suddenly want to play role-play But as siblings… How weird.

She widened her eyes and looked at his sexy face, horrified.

“I didnt expect you to be like this, Ji Shiting.”

Ji Shiting could tell something from her expression.

He snorted and said, “Are you going to call or not”

Ye Shengges eyelashes trembled, and she finally said, “…Big Bro.”

Her voice was almost inaudible, as if she had been bullied to the point of being forced to speak.

She sounded shy and aggrieved.

Her soft voice seemed to tickle the mans heart, and his eyes blazed.

More than ten years had passed, and that innocent girl with a sweet smile had grown into the seductive woman she was now.

She was lying on his body, as if there was no space between them.

Ye Shengge tried to look at him, but she met the mans dark eyes.

Her heart skipped a beat, and the next second—

Half of the night had passed by the time the rain stopped.

Ye Shengge didnt know whether it was because he had been intimate with her for more than ten days or because he had called herBig Bro, but he desired her very much tonight.

In the end, she could only beg for mercy, so she had to call himBig Bro a couple more times.

Ji Shiting was already asleep, and his breathing was deep and regular, but he was still hugging her tightly and resting his chin on her head.


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