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Chapter 402: Cute

Ji Shiting couldnt help smiling.

Ye Shengge saw the smile in his eyes and felt guilty.

However, she couldnt be blamed.

It was Ling Yutong who had done her dirty first, and she had only done the same thing back.

Chen Anzhi was silent for a bit, then he sighed and said, “I didnt expect you two to not get along, but since Ada has resigned, lets do it this way.

Ill find another photographer before filming starts.”

“Sorry to trouble you.” Ye Shengge apologized, then she changed the topic.

“However, Ill let you know that keeping me is the right choice.”

She sounded arrogant.

However, Chen Anzhi appreciated her confidence and arrogance.

He smiled and said, “Im looking forward to it.”

Ye Shengge looked at Ji Shiting and smiled, “Your childhood sweetheart isnt that innocent.”

“Not at all.” Ji Shiting smiled.

“No matter how scheming she is, shes no match for you.”

“Are you saying Im scheming” Ye Shengge looked like she was about to explode.

“What I mean is, even if shes really innocent, Im not interested in her.” He curled his lips.

“I wont hate you no matter how scheming you are.”

Ye Shengge felt better.

However, was this just not unlikable

That man was too stingy.

He could just say something nice to appease her.

She picked up her chopsticks and continued eating.

The man opposite her smiled and added, “You arent just likable, you are also very cute.”

Ye Shengge was about to pick up some food with her chopsticks when she heard that.

Had she heard wrongly

That man had just… praised her for being cute

Ye Shengge was still holding her chopsticks as she glanced up at him in disbelief.

Ji Shiting chuckled.

It turned out that some things werent that difficult to say, mainly because… it was interesting to see the woman stunned.

“Were you praising me just now” Ye Shengge blinked and asked.

Ji Shiting said, “You heard wrongly.”

Ye Shengge was a bit dazed, and she almost thought she had heard wrongly, but… seeing the smile in the mans eyes, she realized that she wasnt hearing things.

Instead, it was because… the sun had risen from the west today!

She got excited and put down her chopsticks, blushing.

“You said I was cute.

Dont try to deny it!”

Ji Shiting saw the excitement in her eyes and his heart softened.

“Mm, I wont deny it.” His voice was hoarse and smiling.

Ye Shengges heart was beating fast.

She asked, “Do you think Im smart”

“Mm.” He nodded.

“Do you think I look good” She asked.

Ji Shiting looked at her and smiled, “You do look good.”

Ye Shengges heart was beating fast, and her face was burning.

She tried to suppress her excitement and asked, “What about Ling Yutong”

Ji Shiting thought for a bit and frowned, “I dont remember what she looks like anymore.”

… Damn it.

It was a perfect answer!

Ye Shengge swallowed hard and felt her heart beating fast.

This was too much.

When did that man learn this skill


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