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There was limited space under the desk, so Ye Shengge noticed that she couldnt cover herself up completely, so she had to hide between Ji Shitings legs and put her hands on his thighs.

She then realized she was facing that mans crotch…

Her eyes popped as she was kind of terrified.

Even if his pants were covering it, his size was still impressive… No wonder she still felt sore.

Her face immediately blushed after realizing what she was thinking.

She then turned around, trying not to look at it.

Ji Shiting frowned as he wanted to pick up the woman.

However, his grandpa had already come in, so if he grabbed the woman now, there would be nothing he could do to placate this.

Besides, there were already some affairs between him and the woman.

Ji Shiting shot her a glimpse, and he saw that woman had turned her head around while her face was fully red.

He then realized what had happened as he curled his lips.

Grandpa Ji was almost eighty years old, but he still looked vigorous with a healthy body.

He pushed away the butler, walked in and snorted.

There was a woman between Ji Shitings legs, so he couldnt stand up.

He then smiled and said, “Grandpa, what are you here for

“Is this how you greet me” Grandpa Ji was irritated seeing his grandson still sitting on his chair.

“Ive been sitting like this for a long time, so my legs are kind of numb,” said the man.

“Youre not going to mind it, right”

His grandpa rolled his eyes and said, “If you can give me a great grandchild, I can kneel before you.”

Butler Uncle Ji gave him a chair, putting it in front of the desk.

Grandpa snorted again as he sat down.

“Thats too much, grandpa.” Ji Shiting smiled.

“Are you here to examine us The company is booming these days.

Do you need to ask Sun Ye for the report of the last quarter”

“No,” Grandpa Ji said.

“Im not here to inspect the company.

I dont need to worry about it as youre handling it well.

You know exactly why Im here.”

Jis family only had Grandpa Ji and Ji Shiting.

Grandpa Ji was old, so he handed the entire company to Ji Shiting, so he rarely saw Ji Shiting.

A couple of days ago, Ji Shiting had gone back to their old house for dinner, and Ji Jiuxiang had drugged him.

Hed never expected his grandson to get away by car, wasting the drugs he had found.

What infuriated him further was that Ji Shiting always found excuses not to go back to their old house after that, and he had always hung up the phone after a couple seconds, which made Ji Jiuxiang furious.


However, his body was completely fine based on his body examination report, so it was because his grandson refused to sleep with girls.

Ji Shiting felt aggrieved as well as being angry.

“I dont know.” Ji Shiting played dumb.

“Please head back if you dont have any issues.”

Grandpa Ji glared at him and said, “Dont play dumb with me.

Tell me, what kind of girls do you like I dont care how old she is or whether shes married or not.

I can get you any girl you want.”



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