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Chapter 385: The Feeling of Waiting for Judgment

The next day, on the set ofXue Ning.

After shooting for that day, Ye Shengge returned to the makeup room.

As the filming progressed, her makeup became heavier and her style became more and more exaggerated, so it took her an hour to remove her makeup and change into her costume.

After that, she asked the makeup artist to leave, took out her phone and called Jun Hua.

The call went through very quickly.


Ye” Jun Hua sounded amused.

“My hunch is that youre going to ask to meet me.”

“Im at the Film City.

Come here if you have time.” Ye Shengge wasnt being polite.

“If you dont have time, forget it.”

“I just finished a meeting.” Jun Hua was as gentle as ever.

“Ill be there in about an hour.”

Ye Shengge hung up the phone.

Most of the crew members had left by then, so Jun Hua wouldnt attract any attention.

She felt like she was waiting for judgment.

It was a terrible feeling.

She smiled bitterly.

Before long, Lin Qi returned with dinner.

“Sister Shengge, dinner is so sumptuous today.” She put the food bag on the table and took out the dishes.

“Come and eat.”

Ye Shengge didnt have much of an appetite, but thinking that she would have to face Jun Hua later, she walked over and tried to eat a bit with her chopsticks.

Lin Qi started to gossip with her again.

It seemed that some star had cheated these days, and Ye Shengge listened to it.

“By the way, theres Mu Xiaoya too.” Lin Qi snorted.

“Her company has been helping her with public relations, and theyve been paying people to do it.

Brother Tianyi said Star Brilliance probably spent a lot of money.

If they continue to invest at this rate, Mu Xiaoya might really be able to make a comeback.”

Ye Shengge raised an eyebrow as she recalled what Mu Yanhuai had said the other day.

Xiao Ruilang seemed to have invested in Star Brilliance.

The public relations and paid for the paid posters were probably from this.

“Then let them invest.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“I wonder if he can earn it back.”

“However, Mu Xiaoya has a new show released recently.

Because the series is exquisite, and her character profile is likable, many netizens dont care about her defamation anymore.” Lin Qi was furious.

“Theyre too forgetful!”

“The role of an actress is still acting.

As long as she has good works, the audience wont mind her mistakes,” Ye Shengge said and smiled.

“However, this is her last good work.”

Ye Shengge had chosen that show for Mu Xiaoya herself, and she had helped her act in it.

She had found out about Mu Yanhuai and Mu Xiaoyas scheme half a month after the shooting.

“Thats true.

With her acting skills, her next show is doomed.” Lin Qi was furious.

“However, its infuriating to think that her comeback was because of you.”

Ye Shengge smiled.

To her, Mu Xiaoya and Mu Yanhuai were already in the past.

She didnt mind teaching them a lesson if she could, but they werent worth her time and effort anymore.

Ye Shengge put down her chopsticks and said, “Go back first.

I have something to do.”

“Whats the matter Let me help you.”

“You cant help me with this.” Ye Shengge patted her shoulder.

“Go help me fill the bathtub.

Ill be back soon.”

Not long after Lin Qi left, a black car stopped outside her makeup room.


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