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Chapter 340: Its His Greatest Misfortune To Have A Selfish Mom Like You

“Impossible! Little Zheng will never part with me!” Ling Yutong looked up at her and gritted his teeth.

“And I will never give my child to an outsider!”

“How can I be an outsider” Ye Shengge smiled.

“According to you, Shiting is Little Zhengs father, so Im the stepmother of the child.

Little Zheng and I are like you and Mr.


Is Mr.

Jun an outsider to you”

Ling Yutong was left speechless.


Jun couldnt help scrutinizing Ye Shengge when he heard this.

After a while, Ling Yutong said, “Thats different.

Little Zheng is still young…”

“That wont do either…” Ye Shengge sighed.” It looks like youll only be satisfied if I leave Shiting and let you three form a happy family, right ”

“I dont want to interfere, but the child is innocent.

I have to give him a complete family.” Ling Yutong looked at his son and said, “Little Zheng, tell that auntie that you only want to live with your parents, right”

No matter how intelligent Little Zheng was, he was only three or four years old.

He had never seen such a big scene before.

At that moment, he looked at Ling Yutong, who was beside him, and then at Ye Shengge.

He kept his mouth shut.

Ling Yutong bit her lips and said, “Say something, Little Zheng.

Havent you always wanted a father”

The boy clenched his fists but didnt say anything.

“You know that the child is innocent as well.” Ye Shengge sneered.

“Yet you pushed the child in front of so many people to make Ji Shiting acknowledge him, and you let him be the target of gossip and sympathy, but you didnt consider his feelings at all.

Its his greatest misfortune that Little Zheng has a selfish mother like you.

In your heart, your own goal is more important.

Little Zheng is just a tool for you to achieve your goal.

You say you want the child to have a complete family, but deep down, you know what your true goal is.”

Every single word Ye Shengge said struck Ling Yutong like lightning, and her face paled.

She looked at her sons stubborn and humiliated face and felt a bit regretful, but now that things had come to this, she could only continue.

“I just didnt expect Shiting to deny that hes the father of the child.” Tears streamed down her face as if she was heartbroken.

“I hurt Shiting when I was being stubborn, so hes taking it out on Little Zheng now… Its all my fault.”

Ji Shiting sneered, walked over and hugged Ye Shengge.

“Then, what do you plan to do if I say Im willing to treat Little Zheng as my son but I dont want to be involved with you anymore” The mans voice was deep and sarcastic.

Ling Yutong shivered and looked at him in disbelief.

She was squatting on the ground, so the mans tall figure made her feel more pressured.

She bit her lips and said, “Are you still blaming me, Shiting”

“No,” Ji Shiting said coldly.

“Im just sick of you.”

The mans dark eyes were filled with anger.

Although his voice didnt reveal much emotion, the wordsick was more hurtful than any heartless words.


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