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Chapter 333: Standing Righteously Beside Him

Ye Shengge slowed down, and even her breathing became lighter.

The man was sitting on a chair with his legs crossed.

He seemed to be holding her script, and he seemed to have read something interesting.

He suddenly raised his eyebrows and smiled, looking more handsome.

She stared at him, and couldnt help placing her hand on her heart.

Too much.

It was one thing for that man to show up without warning, but now he was flirting with her.

Although she kept telling herself not to be too greedy, how could she not be greedy when facing him

Ji Shiting put down the script in his hand and looked up at her.

“Come here.” He smiled, but his tone was elegant.

“Why are you spacing out”

Ye Shengge couldnt help walking over and sitting on his lap.

“Why are you here”

Ji Shiting hugged the womans soft and fragrant body and said, “Who asked you to be so heartless You disappeared as soon as you entered the set.”

Unless she was being coerced or had something to ask him, that woman had never called him.

Ye Shengge said guiltily, “I couldnt think of anything else during the shoot…”

She loved acting because she could completely immerse herself in another life.

At this time, she didnt have the energy to think about everything going on in real life.

Ji Shiting looked at her script.

He had just skimmed through it, but he realized that it was filled with her notes and insights.

Regardless of whether it was an excuse or not, Ji Shiting still appreciated her focus, and he reluctantly accepted it.

“What about now Do you want to think about something else” He asked.

Ye Shengge hesitated for a bit, then she wrapped her arms around his neck and licked her lips.

“I just took a shower…”

His deep voice sounded very suggestive.

Although she had planned to watch two movies tonight, she couldnt let Ji Shiting down since he had come to see her.

The man swallowed, lifted her chin and kissed her.

Ye Shengges bathrobe was torn off by the man.

When Ji Shiting let her go, he saw the womans neck and collar bone.

His eyes dimmed as he put his hand on her waist.

He could strip her completely with just a slight tug.

However, he restrained himself and said, “Accompany me to a welcome party tonight.

The gown will be delivered soon.”

Ye Shengge was dazed for a moment.

After a while, she realized what he meant, and her eyes widened.

“Are you really taking me there”

“Who else should I bring” He smiled.

Ye Shengges heart pounded, and she couldnt help licking her lips.

“Then… How are you going to introduce me to others”

“Ill introduce you the way I want.” He narrowed his eyes.

“Why You dont want to”

“Of course i want to,” Ye Shengge said without hesitation.

She then licked her lips nervously.

“Have you… really decided”

He had decided to announce their relationship to outsiders and let her stand by his side

Ji Shiting saw how excited she was, and his heart skipped a beat.


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