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Chapter 325: PK

Chen Anzhi was a refined middle-aged man, and he had the air of an artist.

The room for the interview was rather cosy.

Besides him, there were two other assistants in the room, which relieved the pressure on the actors.

Lan Cen immediately put aside her haughty demeanor and hugged Chen Anzhi warmly.

It seemed that she and Chen Anzhi were on good terms.

After Lan Cen let him go, Ada smiled and hugged him too.

The three of them finished their small talk after three minutes.

Ye Shengge knew that they were trying to show off to her, so she didnt really get upset.

Moreover, since Ada was so close to Chen Anzhi, it meant that she was probably a real assistant director.

Then, what was the point of Ada interviewing her

Ye Shengge was deep in thought when Chen Anzhi glanced at her and spoke.


Ye, right Ive seen the scenes of your performance.

Its really good.”

Ye Shengge was a bit excited, “Thank you.”

“Since you guys are going for an interview together, Ill cut to the chase,” said Chen Anzhi.

“Youve watchedChicago, right Coincidentally, the lead actress in my new show is similar to the lead actress inChicago, so I want to see some of your acting skills.”

Chen Anzhis assistant handed the printed information to Lan Cen and Ye Shengge.

“Get ready.

Well begin in three minutes.

Shengge will be playing Roxy, and Lan Cen will be playing Wilma.” Chen Anzhi said calmly.

“After that, you two can swap roles.”

“No problem.” Lan Cen sneered at Ye Shengge.

Ye Shengge smiled back and started reading the script.

All the staff members came to watch when they heard that Lan Cen was going to compete with the newcomer.

They were all part of Chen Anzhis team, so Chen Anzhi didnt stop them.

After all, a competition required spectators for it to be interesting.

Three minutes passed by quickly and the two actresses put down their scripts.

The plot in this script was very short, under two minutes, but very dramatic.

Roxy and Wilma were both female prisoners in prison.

However Wilma was once a popular star in the troupe, so there were plenty of lawyers who were willing to defend her even in prison.

There was also a troupe who offered a high price for her.

Roxy was very jealous, so she stopped Wilma, hoping to get her help, but was mocked by Wilma instead.

The two actresses immediately got into character after Chen Anzhi said that.

Wilma, played by Lan Cen, strode over from the other side of the room with a cold look on her face.

She was indeed the directors favorite actress of recent years.

Everyone then turned their gazed towards Ye Shengge.

They hadnt expected Ye Shengge to become a completely different person.

She saw Wilma walking over and turned around in a hurry.

She tried to cover up the fact that she had been eavesdropping.

Her eyes darted around, and when Wilma approached, she immediately called out to her.

Everyone was shocked.

They werent surprised by Lan Cens performance, but Ye Shengge was also outstanding.

Moreover, her performance stood out even more than Lan Cens.

Then, she expressed her admiration for Wilma in an exaggerated and dramatic manner while asking her views.

At the moment, she seemed to be a superficial female prisoner trying her best to clear her name.


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