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Chapter 317: Why Dont I Wash With You

The contrast between black and white was terrifying.

“Seems like youre prepared,” he said hoarsely.

Ye Shengge licked her lips and smiled at him.

“Didnt we make an agreement last night…”

Ji Shiting breathed heavily.

After that woman stopped running away, she was so passionate that he couldnt handle it anymore.

Even compared to when she had tried to seduce him to get rid of her birthmark, she was more seductive and calm.

However, Ji Shiting still tried to control himself and covered her robes back.

Ye Shengge was dazed.

“What wrong”

He had suddenly halted just like the previous night.

Ji Shiting stared at her for a few seconds and said, “Ill go take a shower.”

Had he known earlier, Ji Shiting wouldve taken a shower so he wouldnt have had to stop when he was in the mood.

Ye Shengge knew it wasnt that he didnt want to touch her, so she was relieved.

She hesitated for a bit, then wrapped her arms around him and said, “Why dont I accompany you”

The man held his breath.

The bathroom was filled with mist.

The tall man pressed the woman against the wall and kissed her chest.

Ye Shengge put her hands into his hair and mumbled.

Her lips were trembling, and her face was flushed.

Ji Shiting looked up and saw how intoxicated she was.

His Adams apple bobbed, and then his lips curled into a grin.

Very well.

She was completely immersed in this affair, and it had nothing to do with repaying or ingratiating herself with him.

The man felt indescribable satisfaction and pleasure, but it made him burn with desire.

He kissed her lips again.

He didnt know whether it was because the temperature in the bathroom was too high or because her body temperature had risen, but her lips were burning hot and soft, as if they could melt into his mouth at any time.

The man couldnt stop himself.

He stuck his tongue in, as if he couldnt get enough of her.

Ye Shengge mumbled and struggled to get some fresh air.

Her eyes were wet, and she looked exhausted.

“Enough…” She complained.

“Not enough,” Ji Shiting said hoarsely and kissed her again.

Ye Shengge could only gasp for air.

Before long, the man ran into her, and the extreme intimacy made her scalp numb.

Her lips and tongue were blocked by him, and she couldnt breathe properly even if she wanted to.

Her chest felt stuffy, and it was a feeling she had never experienced before.

She pinched his shoulders, wanting to get some breathing space, but the man went deeper.

Ye Shengge was so upset that she was about to cry.

He was aggressive and possessive in bed, but he had never been like this before.

It was as if it wasnt enough for him to enter her world, and he was the only one in it.

He didnt let go of her lips until she was about to faint.

Ye Shengge gasped for breath, but in less than two seconds, her lips and tongue were blocked by him again.


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