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Chapter 314: Come and See Your Son

Indeed, that child was very good-looking.

He had a fair face, dark grape-like eyes, and a solemn face.

Xu Xiangjie was all smiles talking to him but he didnt respond much to what was being said.

Ye Shengge walked over and smiled, “Director Xu.”

“Shengge! Come and see your son!” Xu Xiangjie waved at her and said to the boy.

“Little Zheng, this is your mother in the show.”

The boy turned to look at her, then turned his head away haughtily.

That expression reminded Ye Shengge of Ji Shiting.

She chuckled and stroked his head.

“Are you called Little Zheng”

The boy moved away from her hand and didnt answer.

Xu Xiangjie explained, “This kid doesnt like to talk, but hes very smart.

Im talking to him about the show.”

“Its alright.

Its normal for kids to be shy,” Ye Shengge said as she stroked his head.

The boy looked so upset that Ye Shengge couldnt help laughing.

However, he said, “Mother only knows how to bully me!”

Ye Shengge was a bit surprised.

She then said, “I can only bully you.”

She then squatted down and adjusted his collar.

“Lets go have some snacks.”

The boy immediately ran away, but he didnt go for snacks.

Instead, he went to the makeup room to change into the Little Princes clothes.

Ye Shengge was satisfied as she watched him leave.

“Director, this child is indeed talented.”

He was only a little kid, yet he already knew how to test her.

Xu Xiangjie said smugly, “Thats right.

That kid is a famous child star in Country J.

He just arrived in Yang City two days ago, and I invited him here immediately.

He has a lot of fans in China.”

Ye Shengge was looking forward to it.

When filming officially started, the boy didnt disappoint her.

He was very perceptive.

Although his performance was still immature, it was very lively, and his expression and tone were on point.

The two of them had a relatively relaxed mother and son relationship in the show.

Xue Ning had to be polite to the emperor and to the concubines.

Only when facing her son could she show some liveliness, so she was very close to her son.

After a whole day of cooperation, the boy was forced to familiarize himself with Ye Shengge.

When he was resting, he finally improved from being silent to being perfunctory with her.

Ye Shengge found it amusing, and she teased him more and more.

Although he was upset, he didnt seem to hate her.

After work that day, she shook his hand and said goodbye.

The boy snorted and shook her hand.


He then turned and ran away.

Ye Shengge couldnt help laughing.

She removed her makeup and changed into her costume, only to see that the boy had also changed into his regular clothes.

He was leaning against a young and graceful woman, probably his mother.

The young mother seemed to sense something and looked in Ye Shengges direction.

Ye Shengge couldnt see what he looked like from a distance, but she could tell that he was scrutinizing her.

However, the woman looked away and left with the boy.

Ye Shengge didnt think too much about it.

She said goodbye to the crew and returned to Qianfan Villa.


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