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Chapter 307: Newlywed Husband Is Dead

“Actually, we didnt…” Ye Shengge couldnt help explaining.

It was reasonable if something had happened, but she and Ji Shiting hadnt done anything yet.

“I understand, sister-in-law.” Qiao Yanze nodded solemnly.

“I knew it.

This guy doesnt have that ability!”

“Thats right.

I was going to do it again, but you interrupted me,” Ji Shiting said calmly.

He glanced at Li Yinian, then at Qiao Yanze.

“I know you dont have it easy.”

As a bad friend, Qiao Yanze immediately understood what he meant.

Ye Shengge glared at Ji Shiting.

However, he didnt stop.

He took off the kettle from the stove and asked, “Tell me, how did you two end up together”

Qiao Yanze looked amused.

“Did you know Xiao Cheng is dead.”

Li Yinians shuddered.

Ji Shiting wasnt surprised.

“Xiao Ruilang did it.”

“Thats right.” Qiao Yanze sneered.

“We all know that hes been upset with Xiao Cheng for a long time, but no one expected him to be so ruthless.

Most importantly, when did he start plotting He wasnt involved in the planning of Xiao Chengs wedding.

So how did Xiao Ruilang do it It looks like we;ve underestimated him.”

“Not just that.” Ji Shitings handsome face was more mysterious under the glow of the fire.

“Im afraid the entire political and business situation in Yang City will be changed because of this.

If Im not wrong, anyone who doesnt get along with him or anyone who can stop him from taking power, especially the relatives of the Xiao family, will most likely die in this accident.”

Qiao Yanze recalled what had happened before they boarded the yacht and nodded.

“He seemed crazy, but he actually calculated every step clearly.

Using this accident, he eliminated his dissidents and won over the rich and powerful.

He even wiped himself clean… Huh.”

“Wheres Shuhang” Ji Shiting asked.

“He got on the lifeboat successfully.” Qiao Yanzes expression was cold.

“He found me and told me what you said.

I found her in the room.

She was unconscious on the ground, and Xiao Cheng was already dead.

She would have died on the cruise ship and become the culprit behind Xiao Chengs death if I hadnt brought her out.”

Qiao Yanze gazed at Li Yinian, his expression one of self-mocking.

Li Yinians face was pale.

She finally said, “I fainted the moment I entered the room.”

“Fortunately, Xiao Ruilang cant push the blame to you since you are alive,” Ji Shiting commented objectively.

“After all, everyone at the wedding can tell that youre sincere to Xiao Cheng.

Other than you, Xiao Ruilang is the next prime suspect.

He might not be able to get out unscathed.”

“Thats right.

Really sincere.” Qiao Yanze smiled.

“How does Ms.

Li feel about her newlywed husband dying”

Li Yinian didnt seem to hear his sarcasm at all.

She stared at the fire blankly.

Ye Shengge couldnt help patting her and consoling her.

However, when she put her hand on her back, she realized that she was surprisingly thin, and she seemed to be overwhelmed.


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