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Chapter 288: Shengge Is My Partner Today

Ji Shiting had attended the wedding banquet with the daughter of Xies family, yet he was now harassing a woman who had popped out of nowhere.

Moreover, even when this woman was trying to avoid Ji Shiting.

Some socialites who were more well versed with entertainment news recognized the woman.

They knew that she was the lead actress ofXue Ning, and thatXue Ning was an investment by T.S.


However, that still didnt explain the weird relationship between the two.

When seeing that this woman had the intention to run away, Ji Shiting even chased after her.

His partner Ms.

Xie tried to stop him, but Ji Shiting pushed her away, which embarrassed her.

Such behavior was totally unlike hisclean image.

Ye Shengge hadnt expected Ji Shiting to catch her in public.

She stood rooted to the ground, breathing heavily as her heart pounded frantically.

However, she could only watch as the man strode toward her.

She didnt know when, but the mans cufflinks had been unbuttoned, and his sleeves were slightly rolled up, revealing his wrist.

This made him look less aloof, but his handsome and cold expression made her feel more intimidated.

Ye Shengges eyes widened, and her mind went blank.

Suddenly, she felt someone pulling her behind.

“Are you okay, Shengge” Qin Youhui asked anxiously.

“Can you see me”

From what Qin Youhui saw, Ye Shengge seemed to have been scared witless.

“Go away.” Ji Shiting glared at Qin Youhuis face.


Ji.” Qin Youhui said with great difficulty.

“Shengge is my partner today.

If she doesnt want to go with you, I have the duty to protect her.”

“Your partner” Ji Shiting sneered.

“Who gave you this right”

“I brought her here,” Qin Youhui said.

“Please dont make things difficult for her, Mr.


Xie Siqi finally regained her composure and walked forward again.

“Shiting.” She sounded choked.

“You promised.

Youre my partner tonight… I wouldnt have any face if you go on like this.”

Ji Shiting ignored her and stared at Ye Shengge.

“Ill say it again.

Come here.”

“I…” Ye Shengge came back to reality.

She looked at Qin Youhui, who was standing in front of her, looking anxious.

On one hand, she was worried that Qin Youhui would be blamed for nothing, but on the other hand, she wasnt willing to give in to Ji Shiting again.

Just as she was hesitating, there was a commotion nearby.

“Old Master Xiao and the bride are here!”

Everyones attention was diverted.

Xie Siqi wrapped her arms around the mans arms and begged, “Shiting, Old Master Xiao is here…”

Ji Shiting sneered, “Have you made up your mind, Ye Shengge”

Ye Shengge clenched her fists and nodded, but she didnt dare look him in the eyes.

However, she couldnt help adding, “Yes… Lets talk at home…”

She heard the man chuckle.

“Very well,” he said, looking away from her.


Shengge: Ive won!

Boss Ji (sneering): Youre doomed.



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